Len Goodman to Quit Dancing With The Stars Next Year

Dancing With The Stars alum judge Len Goodman is reportedly going to quit the hit ABC series as of next season, the one which airs this coming spring. The 70-year-old revealed his decision in an interview with DigitalSpy, which was reiterated with other media sources as well.

In said interviews, the judge’s statements regarding his reasoning for leaving the show were extensive. He expressed his discontent with the travel schedule regarding the show as well as his obligations concerning the UK equivalent Strictly Come Dancing. After detailing the trials and tribulations of such back and forth arrangements, the United Kingdom native said that the commute was just too much for him and that he was not going to be making the effort anymore regarding the United States take on the show, given that all he really wanted was a break of some sort and to be able to take some time off in regards to said extreme effort both series took to complete on a regular basis.

He goes on to reiterate his desire to acquire some time off, given that he has multiple relatives that need his attention and yet he cannot currently provide them with such. Goodman also expressed his need to spend more time with his son, 33-year-old James William Goodman. The professional ballroom dancer also confesses that his mother is in less than stellar health at the current time, and is residing in hospital due to her inflictions. He wishes to spend more time with her before she passes away, and as such has made the executive decision to take some time away from his busy entertainment schedule as a result. Upon reviewing the matter and trying to come up with a plan to be able to also enjoy his personal life, Goodman says he realized either Stricly or DWTS needed to be taken a step back from, and he chose his native country’s show to stay on for good.

Goodman has been making headlines lately for more than just his career choices. This past Saturday, he revealed to The Daily Mail that he has been cleared of any investigative discipline regarding an alleged expletive being dropped in an episode of Strictly that aired last month. Said investigation, which was reportedly led by BBC and included multiple sound-tape reviews, resulted in the confirmation that he had not in fact said any kind of curse word whatsoever. Goodman says the sound that came out of his mouth was merely an exclamation of how terrific he thought the couple currently on stage was performing. He was immediately subject to a firestorm of scrutiny both from producers and the public, both of whom were outraged at the fact that he had apparently spoken an extremely unacceptable word on live television, on a show that is watched by many families. He went on to admit that, if he had uttered the word, he would have fully deserved to be put on blast for it as it would in no way be appropriate regardless of the reason.

It is not yet known who will be asked to replace Len Goodman on Dancing With The Stars after he exits the show following the end of its upcoming season, or if he will even be replaced at all. He joined the show back in 2005, following it being switched over to ABC.

By Rebecca Grace

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