Liberty Voice Institute

Liberty Voice Institute

The Liberty Voice Institute is committed to the idea of providing quality educational programs devoted to the prospect of improving our students’ opportunities by improving their ability to communicate and express themselves. At all levels, the classes we offer are about transformation and empowerment. This opportunity should be available to all (Inclusivity).

We offer classes in journalism and online platforms which are designed to enhance writing and editing skills, but also to help students understand how to use the internet, to take their unique perspective to a global audience in the most effective and impactful manner. We don’t stop at grammar and punctuation, we delve into the complexities of SEO and social media. We teach students how to communicate ideas clearly and concisely. We help them develop the skill of organizing their ideas effectively.

Those who take this journey with us will intellectually grow to better understand themselves and the growing opportunities in terms of technology and connectivity to extend their reach across the globe in new and inventive ways.

We teach language classes which make it possible to enhance communication skills by deepening understanding of the origins of vocabulary in English as well as the commonalities with other languages. Understanding those shared origins, particularly when communicating with audiences who do not have English as their primary language, is a cornerstone of effective interaction when working with an international audience of the type that modern technological platforms now make possible. The ability to effectively share nuance on a worldwide scale is what makes the difference merely writing and truly communicating. It is one of the things that builds leaders.

We are invested in the idea of building a better future by building up our youth. We offer GED programs which help students who have had to step off of their educational path to get back on it. We have a national essay contest for young people which gives them international exposure for their writing and helps encourage reading and writing skills in children as young as fourth grade. Winners of this contest have the opportunity to receive scholarships and other prizes. We want to show young people just how far they can reach if they devote themselves to developing their reading, writing, and communication skills.

We have no shortage of vision. We have the instructors, the tools, the platforms, and the passion to help our students take the step from simply navigating in the information age to carving their own paths and leading the way through it. We are a boldly inclusive community at the Liberty Voice Institute, and we are not just about helping people to find their voice, but showing them how to help the world to hear it.


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