The Flash: Mark Hamill to Reprise Role on CW Reboot



It has been a pretty exciting season thus far for young Barry Allen, aka The Flash, aka, Grant Gustin on CW with this comic book reboot, a crossover with Arrow and now news that Mark Hamill is to reprise his role on the show will no doubt make fans of the 1990’s version of the speedy superhero very happy. Back when Allen’s pappy, Henry Allen, aka John Wesley Shipp was much younger, around 20 years younger, Shipp was The Flash, aka Barry Allen in the original CBS series. Along with Shipp’s version of the fast hero, Mark Hamill played his nemesis the Trickster in the series that only lasted one season.

To point out the obvious, yes, this Trickster was the Flash version of Batman’s Joker. As one publication put it, Hamill’s villain was so “Joker-like” that he was hired to do the voice of the caped crusader’s villain for a load of cartoons and video games. On a sidenote, is should be mentioned that apart from playing Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, the 63 year old actor has provided his talents as voice over artist for a slew of animated projects and video games as a whole lot more characters than just the Joker.

In this newest version of The Flash, Mark Hamill will reprise his role of the Trickster on the CW reboot and once again work with the original “speedy” Allen, Shipp. This Trickster will be helping Allen senior, along with Detective Joe West, in catching a younger criminal who is copying the jailed villain’s old Modus Operandi. This upcoming episode, or episodes, will be another great moment in the series and allow the show’s makers to acknowledge the original Flash and his most memorable criminal adversary.

Meanwhile, there is an underlying mystery in this new Barry Allen version of life as the Flash. Who is his fantastically wealthy scientist friend, mentor and benefactor, Dr. Harrison Wells. It is apparent that this wheelchair bound Flash version of Charles Xavier has a number of things to hide. Not least of which is the fact that Wells can actually walk. This little secret has only been displayed in front of the television audience and in front of the odd person that Harrison disposes of with extreme prejudice.

Den of Geek have really zoomed in on this Well’s fellow and have tried to figure out just who he really is. In their minds Harrison could be either H.G. Wells, time traveller or the man responsible for the death of Barry Allen’s mother, or both. They have also opined that Wells could be the split personality known as Dr. Alchemy and/or Mr. Element. This latter possibility does seem like a better fit. After all, Dr. Wells does come across as the all caring and very sage scientist one moment and then cold-blooded killer the next and this sort of behavioural jump does just scream out “split personality.”

Still, regardless of just who Harrison Wells really is, or is not, the fact that Mark Hamill is reprising his role as the Trickster in the CW reboot of The Flash, is pretty exciting stuff. The network is milking this superhero thing to the maximum extent possible, all to the audience’s delight. The two part crossover between The Flash and Arrow was awesome and has been left open for more of the same, which is also…awesome. So too is the temporary addition of Luke Skywalker, or Mark Hamill, in the CW superhero verse. Perhaps CW should just change the name of the show to Awesome. Just a thought.

By Michael Smith


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