Liverpool Might Look for a Goalkeeper in January


Liverpool have struggled all year with the issue of goalkeeping, but the injury to Brad Jones in the Burnley match has highlighted the problem, and it might be enough to send manager Brendan Rodgers looking for a goalkeeper during the January break. Jones had taken over starting duties in net after Simon Mignolet lost the manager’s confidence, but the three matches he played did little to convince Rodgers that he was a suitable replacement. Mignolet’s return did little to convince anyone that he had been able to find his old form during his break from playing.

Approaching the transfer window, speculation has already been circulating about what moves Rodgers might make to get the Liverpool season back on track. Goalkeeping has been one of the concerns raised by fans and commentators alike, though until now it has taken a back seat to the question of finding a suitable replacement for Luis Suarez to bring the Liverpool attack back to what it had been last season. With the injury to Jones highlighting the keeper issue this week, it is right back on the table now, with fans wanting to know what the plan is to remedy the problem.

Last week, many people began discussing the possibility of veteran Chelsea goalie, Petr Cech, being tapped to address the goalkeeping needs of Liverpool. This conversation came out of an interview given by Cech’s agent, Viktor Kolar, where he stated that he thought that Arsenal and Liverpool ought to try to get Cech during the transfer window. Cech’s contract is up in 2016, and Chelsea has been expected to try to deal him by the end of the season, but there had been no previous chatter at all about him moving this early on.  The goalkeeper switch at Liverpool and the subsequent mediocre performance of Jones, combined with the Kolar interview, has had fans buzzing about the possibilities for several days now.

The Jones injury, and Mignolet continuing not to play in top form, might make looking for a goalkeeper in January a Liverpool priority after all. If that is the case, Rodgers would be foolish not to try for Cech, particularly knowing from his agent that he would be amenable to an offer. Chelsea manager, Jose Mourinho, has reported that so far nobody has stepped forward with an offer for Cech. Cech himself said that he thought it was the club’s plan to keep him to help them win the title, but if it comes down to it, a chance to be the starting goalkeeper for a top Premier League club might be very tempting for a veteran player like Cech.

The end-of-year schedule might be key to Rodgers deciding if he needs to be looking for a new Liverpool goalkeeper in January. A couple more performances like the ones he has been seeing from Mignolet and Jones thus far, and it might be enough to prompt action from Rodgers. Without a doubt, the Anfield faithful are watching closely to see what the club is going to do.

Commentary By Jim Malone

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Image courtesy of Jesse Costa/WBUR – Flickr License

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