Chelsea Could Cast Cech Off to Anfield


Reports that Petr Cech’s agent, Viktor Kolar, has been soliciting transfer window bids from Liverpool and Arsenal have raised the possibility that Chelsea may be casting off their second-string goalkeeper, possibly sending him off to Anfield or Emirates. Manager Jose Mourinho has reported that no offers have been made for Cech as of yet, and Kolar admitted that he believed it was the club’s intention to hold on to the goalkeeper to help them chase the title.

With Cech’s contract being up in 2016, however, many have expected Chelsea to make some sort of move to get decent value for him by the end of this season. Liverpool, wanting as a priority to improve their performance at that position, might well be taking a look at making a run at bringing the Chelsea keeper to Anfield. A longshot for January, it would be a coup to land a goalkeeper with Cech’s abilities, and it might be worth the effort.

The fact that this has come up from one of Cech’s representatives has caused many to wonder at the reasons behind the move. While it is possible that it is simply his agent wishing to create possibilities for a better, starting situation for his client, some people have begun to wonder if there is a dissatisfaction harbored by Cech over his place with the club that prompted the move. No indication of that has come from Cech at all. He has not made any statements publicly to that effect. Those questions at this point are purely speculation in the wake of the comments made by Kolar. Finding a starting spot on a top club like Liverpool or Arsenal would not hurt his career, though, and at 36, he has sufficient motivation to want to make a move sooner rather than later.

It appears probable that this may be merely an opening move aimed at marketing Cech for his next contract, Kolar knowing that a move is likely by season’s end. The timing, right before the year-end Chelsea schedule is likely to get Cech some playing time to showcase himself, seems planned. While a January move seems like a stretch, it never hurts to let people know that a player is thinking about next steps and new opportunities. If it gets people taking a closer look, Kolar has done his job. If it precipitates an offer that might not otherwise have come, even better.

Chelsea does not appear to be in any hurry to make a move with Cech, as a player at his level is not to be casually cast off absent a significant inducement. With Brad Jones currently struggling in his new position at Anfield, Liverpool is really the only club that might find themselves in a situation of urgency to make them decide to try to provide that type of inducement to part with Cech. If he proves serviceable through the end of the year, however, the more likely scenario would involve an offer down the road rather than in January.

Commentary By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of Ronnie Macdonald – Flickr License

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