Los Angeles Airport Bomb Threat

Los Angeles Airport

Police K-9 units were brought into sweep three different terminals at the Los Angeles Airport (LAX) Tuesday, after a threat came in that some was going to blow up one of the terminals. The call came in earlier in the evening, apparently to the Los Angeles FBI office that Terminal 2 was going to be blown up if the individual was not given a undisclosed amount of money. The dogs swept through Terminals 1, 2, and 3 at LAX.

At this time, it is not apparent if the call was a hoax or if an explosive device has been located. While the K-9 units were brought in, the terminals were not evacuated. However, local Los Angeles news reporters are saying on Twitter that the Bomb Squad is on scene. Law enforcement officials are taking all possible precautions to make sure the Los Angeles Airport is secure. This is an ongoing investigation and more details will be released by officials as they are made available.

By Carl Auer

Photo by Thomas Hawk – Flickr License

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