Macy’s Believe and Make-A-Wish Delivers for Las Vegas Teen



On December 12, Macy’s held its sixth annual Believe Day and the Make-A-Wish Foundation joined forces with the department store to deliver a wish to Las Vegas teen Caden Roberts at the Las Vegas Fashion Show Mall. The actual event took place between 7 and 8 a.m. before the Macy’s store opened and a large crowd of family, well wishers, Macy’s staff, press and Make-A-Wish representatives were there to support the teenager on his special day. Caden was not the only child to have a wish granted on Friday, over 50 children who have been diagnosed with terminal conditions also had wishes come true on the day.

Macy’s Believe campaign has raised over $8.7 million for the Make-A-Wish Foundation which helps terminally ill youngsters by making wishes come true in states across the United States and worldwide. There are more than 50 chapters of the charity organization, the main office for the foundation is in Phoenix, Arizona and since the founding of Make-A-Wish in 1980, they have granted over 218,000 wishes in the United States alone.


On Friday, 17 year old Caden’s granted wish was revealed at the Macy’s store in the Mall as part of their Believe Day. The teenager, who has been diagnosed with cancer, arrived at the Mall around 6:30 a.m. and going into Macy’s he had no idea what to expect. Taking a moment from all the festivities surrounding this event. Caden had a quick chat with Deputy Managing Editor Michael Smith of the Guardian Liberty Voice (GLV) about the morning and his surprise when the Macy’s Believe program made his wish come true. The boy did not initially know what to ask for when approached by the Make-A-Wish people and Macy’s. He was still dealing with the diagnosis and after a little deliberation the Las Vegas teen realised that for his family a little relaxation might be appreciated.

Over at the Macy’s Believe site, there is a quote from Caden which says how much he appreciates both organizations stepping in and setting up his wish. He also mentions that Macy’s Believe and the Make-A-Wish folks did not just grant a wish, but they gave him hope. The wish, which was a hard one for the teen to decide upon, was for a Caribbean cruise for him and his family. The lad told the GLV that he had no idea that so many people would be at Macy’s when he got there. Caden seemed to handle the event and the excitement of it all quite easily and this charismatic teenager displayed gratitude and a poise beyond his years.


After quick chat, Caden then spoke to the Emmy winning Las Vegas News Broadcaster and Media trainer Kendall Tenney about being diagnosed with cancer and how he and his family have been dealing with all the issues that such a thing entails. Before speaking to Kendall, Caden had to follow a few clues in order to learn just why he was there. Considering that all this was taking place very early in the morning, the 17 year old did quite well at this American version of a Treasure Hunt at Macy’s.

If readers head over to Instagram and search for @makeawish_snv they can see Caden go through the clues to discover that his wish for a Caribbean cruise had been delivered, not by Santa, but by the Macy’s Believe and the Make-A-Wish folks who helped this Las Vegas teen have something pretty exciting to look forward to. This local Las Vegas ceremony was just one of many that were held on the day where the two children oriented charities made wishes come true for terminally ill kids across the country. This heart warming event makes the run-up to Christmas that bit more human, making the time of year feel less commercial and more about family, children and hope. Well done to both organizations for making Caden Roberts’ dream come true.

By Michael Smith


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