Man ‘Eaten Alive’ by Giant Snake to Air on Discovery Channel


The man who was eaten alive by a giant snake has his event scheduled to air on the Discovery Channel on Sunday evening, Dec. 7, 2014. Dr. Paul Rosolie states that he was devoured by a giant anaconda, which is considered the biggest and strongest snake on planet Earth. The naturalist decided to offer himself to the serpent as prey after he donned a distinctive suit that was reinforced with devices which took his vital signs. He spoke to the public through a press release, which was put up on the Discovery Channel’s official website.

Dr. Rosolie explained that the anaconda first went for his face. He stated that the last thing he remembered seeing was the snake’s wide open mouth and then all went dark. He added that as that was occurring, the serpent wrapped herself about his entire body and knocked him off-balance. However, he did not speak much more about his experience that happened in the western Amazon except that it was filmed at an earlier time. He does want people to watch the show Eaten Alive, which will be on the Discovery Channel at 9 p.m.

Numerous animal rights groups were upset about the health of the snake, however the scientist stated the anaconda was fine. He declared that he would never have performed such a stunt if there had been any real chance of injuring or upsetting the serpent. The snake proof suit was created to keep the anaconda as safe as much as it was to keep the man breathing.  It is believed that the pressure an anaconda can inflict on a person is about equal to having a school bus sit on the chest. These types of snakes use both power and size to bring down prey.

The scientist explained that he decided to perform the stunt because, he says, it was allegedly an attempt to bring alertness to how fast the Amazon is being destroyed.  While most individuals probably believe that a man going into the body of a giant snake is not the top way to get such attention, the truth remains that Dr. Rosolie was able to live through his ordeal because of the suit he was wearing.

Whether the deed really does manage to increase awareness will remain to be seen until after the show has aired. The serpent and the man both supposedly turned out fine after the stunt. It will be exciting to watch and also see just how deeply the scientist really goes in. There is also the part of how he ends up getting out of the snake as well.

Dr. Rosolie stated that the serpent which devoured him was a large snake, around 20 feet long. The naturalist added that there are even bigger anacondas in the jungle. They had spotted one that was believed to be about 26 feet in length and must have weighed somewhere in the hundreds of pounds. It took Rosolie and his group around 60 days to find this specific serpent. The show has been highly anticipated for weeks now with various news sources talking about the stunt. This will kick off what the Discovery Channel calls its “Mega Week.”

By Kimberly Ruble

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Photo by Geoff Gallice – Flickr License

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