Sony Hack Attack Is Something Security Software Could Not Protect Against

Sony Hack Attack

Sony hack attack is something security software could, unfortunately, not give total protection against. The result was the exposure of a great deal of confidential data that caused huge damage to the company. According to the FBI, the software assault was conducted with techniques that cannot be detected by industry standard antivirus. The attacking software was damaging enough for FBI to warn other organizations of the crime.

It was on November 25 that Sony Pictures hacking first emerged, followed by reports a few days after, that North Korea was investigated for possible involvement. On November 29, copies of Sony’s unreleased movies appeared on some sites. It includes Annie and The Interview, both of which are to be released this month.

Last week, salaries of some executives of the companies were revealed, followed by personal data of its employees. Sony employees received threatening emails saying their company should behave wisely, otherwise, not only them, but their families would be in danger. The attackers said the data they will expose next will be more exciting.

“Guardians of Peace” are the alleged people behind the Sony hack attack. GOP is not so known but they seem to have some grievances with Sony but their demands from the Japanese-owned Sony Corporation’s subsidiary are not publicly revealed.

The suspicion of North Korea’s involvement in Sony hack attack is based on the upcoming comedy film The Interview which puts North Korea (NK) leader Kim Jong Un in a not-so-pleasing depiction. It enraged Pyongyang, which criticized SPE as hurting the supreme NK leadership’s dignity. North Korea denied any involvement of the crime.

Sony Pictures Entertainment’s operations include movie production, digital content and TV shows. It owns the Spider-Man franchise and has Seth Rogen, Adam Sandler, George Clooney and other big stars in its home.

The Sony hack attack is something that even a sophisticated security software could not protect private data against. SPE is not the first victim of cyber criminals. The list has Target, Dairy Queen, JPMorgan Chase, U.S. Postal Service, P.F. Chang’s and Home Depot. Computer systems of companies usually have information that can be damaging, embarrassing and dangerous enough to bring them down, including their executives and employees.

The dependence to computer systems for business operations has prompted many corporations to spend millions of dollars on data security and leads to the rise of security firms for computers. However, many computer attacks made people realize that cyber criminals keep on succeeding. Furthermore, the cost to investigate and respond to the hacks is just devastating. These overwhelming costs are passed by companies to the end-consumers, who can also be affected by the cyber crime.

Breach can cost a company an average of $3.5 million, says a study on information security by Ponemon Institute. The institute also said 43 percent of companies were being breached in the past year, which also affected people whose credit card details were stolen and have to go through replacement hassles and identity theft threats.

The recent Sony hack attack is something that even an industry standard security software could not protect against, and now it gives warnings to IT firms to ensure their anti-malware tools are effective enough to defend their data from being stolen. CEO Kevin Mandia of Mandiant, a security company said, Sony’s case is well-planned and unparalleled. The group behind it is an organized one than no company could just prepare. Security pundits said Sony hack attack begins a new era of virtual assault which consists of destruction and exposing embarrassing confidential information to the public.

By Judith Aparri


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