Mexican Student Identified by His Remains

One of the missing students since September in southwestern Mexico has been identified out of total 43 missing. It has been more than two months now that they were disappeared and nothing has been known regarding their whereabouts. The  Attorney General confirmed today that the Mexican student has been identified as Alexander Mora from the material extruded from his bone remains.

It has been speculated by the family and federal office that the students were abducted and killed and then their remains were burnt to ashes. The report has yet to be announced officially in a press conference by federal attorney but it is confirmed that the evidence matched the student.

Argentina forensic team was involved in the investigation and they had recommended sending the evidence to an Austrian medical university few weeks back. The evidence was found in a garbage pile and river in the Guerrero state.

The students were from a rural teachers college in Southwest Mexico and they were abducted by infuriated and corrupt police during a demonstration in small town of Iguala. The Mexican police was reportedly under the orders of the mayor and his wife, and later tuned over the students to a drug gang. The gang members told the police that they carried them in two trucks, abducted and killed them and then burnt their remains in ashes. In order to hide the remains, they dumped some in garbage and threw some in the river.

The Austrian investigation team also said that about 80 people have been further arrested, out of which 44 are police officers in order to conduct further interrogations. The family of the abducted has urged the need to extend the investigation after one Mexican student identified by its remains, in case more evidence could be found or any of the students are still alive.

The violent attack had sent the ripples of shock, anger and sadness through Mexico and people are blaming the President Enrique Nieto for his inability to control corruption and drug gangs. President is facing extreme resentment and crises by the public over the case and his inability to lead  a successful investigation.

Thousands of people protested and marched in Mexico City and New York showing their sympathies for the victims and their families. They not only demanded justice and peace for the young Mexicans, but also the overthrowing of the government. They also protested against so-called Plan Mexico according to which US send millions of dollars to stop drug trafficking in Mexico but the money is not used for the purpose. The case has also shown deep link between local officers and many drug gangs operating within the country. Protestors said that President Nieto is responsible for the drug-war violence in the country and prompting these kinds of inhumane activities with innocent people.

The huge protests and retaliations from public have already led to the resignation of the governor of Guerrero and to the arrest of dozens of people including mayor and his wife. Identification of one of the Mexican students by remains of his burnt bone has further ignited frustration and anger among the masses as they strongly press the need for proper investigations into the case.

By Atika Jilani

Al Jazeera
Daily News
New York Times

Photo by George Lezenby – Flickr License

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