Microsoft Working on New Windows 10 Browser?


Microsoft may be working on a brand new browser for its Windows 10 operating system. Rumors are that the company is getting rid of Internet Explorer, which will not be a disappointment for many who choose to use other browsers anyway. More and more people are turning to Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, meaning the tech giant needs to do something.

There were already talks that big changes were coming to the Internet Explorer browser, anyway. There was the move to make it appear more like its competitors to encourage more people to use it. However, it snow seems like a whole new browser is going to hit computers. Microsoft is reportedly calling it Spartan, according to CNET.

A Microsoft Student Partner developer, Thomas Nigro, took to Twitter to explain that he had heard about the new browser. While he did not have a name, he said that during a LiveTile episode in December, a French podcast, he heard about the idea.

Some sources claim that very little is going to change in the way that Spartan works. It will have the Microsoft Trident rendering engine, as well as the Chakra JavaScript engine. It is not going to use WebKit, and will look more like the two competitors as that seems to be what the customers want.

Brad Sams from Neowin reported about the look in September. On Monday, he further fuelled the rumors that Microsoft was working on a new browser for Windows 10 by stating that there would be two different Trident versions. There are still some suggesting that this is just Internet Explorer (IE) 12 with a different look.

For those who do prefer IE, it is not completely disappearing. IE 11 will still be available on Windows 10 with the desktop version. Some people do prefer to have the old and slowly get used to the new, while others just prefer to stick to something that they already know. Spartan will be available on Windows 10 desktop as well as mobile versions. Nigro announced on Twitter that the new browser would become the default for Microsoft users.

So far, the company has not confirmed any of the rumors. It did hint that it was looking at changing the name of Internet Explorer due to the way the browser had changed over the years. It is reportedly more standards-compliant than older versions, but people still have the older versions in mind and refuse to try it.

Microsoft is expected to share the new browser at its reveal of the new Windows 10 features on January 21 next year. It is unlikely that the browser will be fully functional at this point, but it may be enough to get people interested. It will likely be later in 2015 that it will be available for testers, if the rumors are true.

Windows 10 is definitely on its way, and many features are going to be revealed on January 21. For now, the rumors about a new browser for Windows 10 have not been confirmed or denied by Microsoft officials.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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