Microsoft Xbox One Outsells Sony PS4 With 1.2M Unit Sales

Microsoft Xbox OneMicrosoft Xbox One outsells Sony’s PS4 in the U.S. with 1.2M unit sales, according to the November data of market research firm NPD Group. Xbox One breaks its losing strip at last, thanks to a smart price drop and a lineup of strong exclusive games.

Mike Nichols, corporate vice president of Xbox Marketing, confirmed that Xbox One is November 2014’s best-selling console, not only in the United States, but in the United Kingdom as well. Sources have confirmed the 1.2 million sales, including Geekwire and Tom Warren of The Verge. The exact figures are still to be officially released and while Xbox One takes the lion’s share, Wii U has the smallest portion, estimated to be around 200,000 consoles. PS4 sales are estimated to be between 750,000 and 800,000. Xbox One now sets the records and is among the best-selling consoles in the history of video games.

Microsoft Xbox One’s November sales performance has been drastic, considering that PS4 was leading with 1.1 million units in North America prior to November. The figures show that Sony’s console lost more than one-third of that in a month.

Microsoft’s game console had a rough start in the video game field, but the company has been taking measures to improve in terms of product design, meeting consumer needs, handling feedback and releasing monthly updates which contributed to the significant enhancement of the Xbox One quality of life. This includes removal of the previously mandatory Kinect, taking out Xbox Live from the requirements list and making Xbox Games with Gold drip games that caught the players’ attention.

Furthermore, the recent $50 console price drop is said to be among the huge contributing factors of Microsoft Xbox One outselling Sony’s PS4 with 1.2M unit sales in November. According to Nichols, the Xbox One games received positive response during the holiday sales, as the console’s fans bought more games and enjoyed 357 million plus gameplay hours worldwide. Many fans have logged into Xbox One Live, enjoying much fun and entertainment.

Leading the games is Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, though unsurprising, is not at all great. Edward Williams from BMO Capital Markets said that its sales were 23 percent lesser than that of Call of Duty: Ghosts last year. Trailing in the second and third places are GTA V and Super Smash Bros, respectively. Other games in the top 10 last month are Pokémon Alpha SapphireMadden NFL 15,  Far Cry 4, NBA 2K15, Assassin’s Creed: Unity, Pokémon Omega Ruby and Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

Microsoft Xbox One has been competing with Sony PS4 since launch. It was on December 2013 that it last outsold the PS4 in sales.

Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PS4 are two very similar game consoles, except that Microsoft axed its $100 tag with Kinect and further lowered the price to $50. Xbox One is now available for $349 while PS4 sells at $399.

For now, the Redmond, WA company enjoys the Microsoft Xbox One outselling Sony PS4 with 1.2M unit sales. Whether the console continues to top the sales chart, will be an interesting thing to watch. Sony has not commented on the NPD November 2014 data yet, but it is noteworthy that PS4 still leads the Xbox One by a big margin globally. However, according to NPD, both Microsoft and Sony should be delighted as their latest respective consoles are selling 80 percent higher than their predecessors in a similar time period.

By Judith Aparri


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  1. abfid   December 13, 2014 at 3:26 pm

    1.2 million consoles in the USA in one month is a huge amount.

    It should be pointed out that MS still sell the Kinect model for £385 UK pounds so only £35 less than launch day and also sell the Kinect separately for £125, so MS have lost Nothing by releasing the Kinectless (budget ) model whilst also being able to lower the price.

    A very clever move by MS.


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