Miley Cyrus Allegedly Seen Making Out With Paris Hilton at Miami Club



Miley Cyrus was allegedly seen making out with Paris Hilton at a Miami club, reported an anonymous source. So, if people were thinking that maybe Cyrus would begin slowing down some of her uninhibited ways now that she had officially been labeled as the girlfriend of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver’s son Patrick, they were wrong.

Miley was seen going around from club to club in Miami last Thursday evening with Patrick. They ended up at popular nightclubs such as the 1OAK at Rec Room before they decided to stay at the club known as E11EVEN. It was reported that they did not leave there until the early morning hours. It was at this hot spot that it was reported the two of them happened to run into Paris Hilton. The source told several different media outlets it was just a short time later when Cyrus was caught making out with Hilton.

The anonymous source declared that when the time came for everyone to leave, the three of them ended up going away together. It was reported that they were helping each other leave. Miley, Patrick and Paris were allegedly in town because of Art Basel, which is a yearly celebration that attempts to put focus on art and also acting performances.

The enormous star studded celebration that is Art Basel in the city of Miami did not show signs of shutting down at all this past weekend, thanks to the alleged actions of Cyrus and Hilton. It was said by the anonymous source along with several other individuals that the two young women wanted to apparently push the feeling of “anything goes” so they allowed themselves to be seen making out in a public location inside the hotshot cabaret. The club is located in the heart of South Beach and many different sources confirmed the rumors of Paris and Miley.

The true shock factor may be that these two have never been reported as lip locking and making out with each other before now. That in itself, may end up being the most stunning part of all from this entire story.  Other sources stated they supposedly heard Cyrus tell Schwarzenegger she did not have any plans on sleeping that night. All three ended up hanging around the club until around 5:30 a.m, about an hour after Miley was overheard uttering her “no plans to go to bed” that night.

Patrick and Miley were reportedly first seen that evening at a party which was held in honor of artistic director Jeremy Scott and the publishing of his first manuscript. The pair was supposedly seen at the Bootsy Bellows pop-up club, which was where Cyrus reportedly met up with a DJ and also one of the co-founders of the nightclub itself, David Arquette, while they were inside one of the DJ booths.

The anonymous source reported seeing Miley and Patrick moving around to various other hotspots such as the Up and Down pop-up at Rec Room. They finally decided to stop wandering around and found a short-term second home at the E11EVEN club.

By Kimberly Ruble


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