Patrick Schwarzenegger Sources Say He Pushes Miley Too Far at Parties


The family and friends of Patrick Schwarzenegger are scoffing at reports that Miley Cyrus is corrupting him with her wild and extreme partying ways, saying the matter is 100 percent the other way around. Said sources recent gave a statement to popular gossip website TMZ in which they gave their view on the way the pair’s dating situation really is.

Celebrities that have engaged in various aspects of partying with both individuals have given the statement that when it comes down to it, Schwarzenegger is the one that attempts to pull out all possible stops before the night is through. In fact, they say that the 21-year-old has even pushed Cyrus to her limits on many of their raucous outings, always attempting to convince her to take the celebrations further and push the idea of no boundaries on her. A lot of the activities the two have been seen doing together that have had the public raising their concern for the welfare of Maria Shriver’s son are said to be things he has been engaging in since long before the pair met. These things include smoking marijuana and dropping an inordinate amount of cash at adult entertainment venues, the latter of which the two were spotted doing a few night ago at a popular Miami club. His family members have also stated their relief that Schwarzenegger now has a stable and steady relationship in which he might consider slowing down on the crazy party antics in order to be a part of, something they are hoping Cyrus can convince him to do over time.

The couple’s new relationship has been making the headlines on a seemingly daily basis over the past few weeks. While they are certainly no stranger to engaging in the nightlife of wherever they happen to be spending time together, they have also been spotted keeping things more low-key on various occasions. Following the end of the aforementioned wild weekend of partying in Miami, Cyrus and Schwarzenegger spent a relaxing afternoon riding jetskis and simply spending time together. On Saturday, the pair went to the Wrecking Ball singer’s native Nashville for a change of pace and to spend some time with friends, including Australian pop singer/fellow former Disney star Cody Simpson. Both Schwarzenegger and Simpson took to Instagram later on to share snapshots of the event, expressing the content they experienced at having been a part of it.

The media and public overall seem to be most fascinated with the pair’s relationship due to Schwarzenegger’s incredibly high level of social status, given that his mother is Maria Shriver and his father the legendary actor/former governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger. Shriver is a very well-known Kennedy socialite, giving her son and thus his associates assumed connections to the political dynasty family. The man’s choice in Cyrus as a romance partner is said to be approved of by other Kennedys who were asked of their opinion. Indeed, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recently told a cameraman that Cyrus is welcome at the family compound anytime, and that he definitely endorses Schwarzenegger’s relationship with her. Shriver herself has also reportedly given the pair the green light, stating that she was only wary of her son’s union with Cyrus because of how the media portrays her when she is not really anything of a bad person when it comes down to it.

It remains to be seen whether Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger will continue to party it up on regular basis or being to tone things down as their relationship continues to grow. For the time being, however, the pair appear to be having fun and just enjoying their outings together.

By Rebecca Grace

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