Miley Cyrus Meets Patrick Schwarzenegger’s Dad

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus met boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger’s dad for the first time. Arnold Schwarzenegger approved of his son’s girlfriend, despite the name she had made for herself. It looks like the man knows not to just a girl based on the public image.

The son of the Terminator star asked Cyrus to join them on their family ski trip. She did that, dressed in a pink fur coat and a beanie in Idaho on December 29. According to sources, the former governor of California is happy for his son, and is “thrilled” that his son finally decided to bring his girlfriend to meet him.

It may have helped that the 21-year-old was not alone. He asked his friends from USC to come along on the ski trip, too, which is something that happens on a regular basis. So it was not just to make it easier for his Party in the U.S.A. girlfriend. The fact that Cyrus was around just helped to add some spice to the vacation, according to Us Weekly.

The meeting with the actor certainly went better than her initial meeting with Schwarzenegger’s mom Maria Shriver. It seems she does not approve of his choice in girlfriend. However, it is unclear just how much time the two have spent together.

The two have not been dating for that long. They were first spotted together around November, and rumors quickly spread about them dating. The latest rumors suggest that the Wrecking Ball singer is cheating on her new boyfriend with ex-fiancé Liam Hemsworth. This is highly unlikely considering the two had previously said that they would not get back together, but they are on talking terms.

Some of those rumors were initially fuelled by the idea that the former governor did not like his son’s choice in girlfriends. While in Idaho for lunch, the couple sat away from Schwarzenegger. However, it turns out that this was mainly for comfort. The couple like to be affectionate, and a source says that it would have been difficult if they were in “plain sight” of the 21-year-old’s dad.

The two also reportedly wanted to blend in rather than be noticed. While it would be difficult for them on a normal day, when around the Terminator, it would have been much harder. They chose to sit out of the way, where they would be able to enjoy the time together without distractions.

Cyrus certainly showed that she did not mind being interrupted while on vacation. One customer’s daughter wanted the singer’s photo, and she certainly gave the little girl time out of her day. The former Disney star complemented the little girl and took a picture with her. It was likely a positive impression for the former governor, who has spent decades being in the public eye.

The two had spent Christmas apart this year. Schwarzenegger spent it with his mom, wearing matching pyjamas, while Cyrus shared a photo on social media of her with a mug. She was clearly on her own Christmas Eve, and left the caption “Christmas Mane.” However, nobody seems to know what the caption really meant. It did not take long for them to be reunited and it gave Cyrus a chance to meet Schwarzenegger’s dad, who turns out to like her.

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