Miss World 2014 Goes to South African Beauty Rolene Strauss

Miss World 2014

In Britain, 63 years ago, the first Miss World contest was held and today, in the many years later, the tradition continues on as new women compete to be crowned. This year the title of Miss World 2014 goes to the beautiful Rolene Strauss from South Africa. Once again, more than 120 countries sent girls to compete in the final rounds of the competition but only one could win. That one from South Africa displayed a sense of humble pride and excitement when she was crowned Miss World 2014.

Though the Miss World pageant has received both support and criticism, it has always been an important part of many women’s lives. It is a pageant designed to honor, not only beauty, but the single woman who represents their country in the best way, and distinguishes themselves from other women by holding characteristics that are themselves honorable. Many of the rounds judge a women’s talent and beauty but others judge the woman by her mind. The questions rounds are designed to ask each contestant what her views are on global issues. Other questions also determine how the contestant interacts with and promotes services in her country as far as nonprofit organizations, charity work, and other good works. This year in the Miss World 2014 pageant, it seems the best candidate was Strauss.

Rolene Strauss is the daughter of a doctor and a nurse, and is herself a medical student in her fourth year of college, though she will be putting that on hold for the next year. She claimed that one of her goals was always to win the pageant and now with her victory as Miss World 2014 that dream has become a reality. She competed against over 120 women for the title of Miss World 2014 but was able to ring in a win as the third ever from South Africa.

The runners up were Miss Hungary and Miss United States. The contest faced tragedy when Miss Honduras and her sister were killed. Due to this fact there was a slight delay in the program. However, the Miss World 2014 competition went on even after the tragedy as they crowned their winner on Dec. 14.

Miss World 2014, Rolene Strauss, will now go on to fulfill her duties for the next year. Contestant winners are expected to do a tour and promote great things in the world, during their one year win. This year Miss World 2014 had a theme of “Beauty with a Purpose,” for which contestants were even more adamantly judged based on their views on global issues and their plan to help the world during their service.

The new Miss World 2014 counts her biggest causes to be women’s rights, health, and education. She also plans to finish med school after her year of traveling and hopes to help the medical field tremendously. She has previously been involved with organizations like Always Keeping Girls in School. During the Miss World pageant she was quoted saying that the greatest wealth in life is health. She also mentioned that one of her biggest role models was Nelson Mandela and credited him with her ability to speak, love, and learn freely in her own country.

Until next year the title holder will be South Africa’s beautiful Rolene Strauss, when the title may go to someone else in 2015, unless Strauss brings in another consecutive win. Miss World 2014 was definitely an interesting pageant, and being the 64th annual pageant, viewers are sure to get much more entertainment out of the pageant. Next year, girls from over 120 countries will once again go to compete. Until then, congratulations to Miss World 2014!

By Crystal Boulware


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