Emily Blunt Almost Never Auditioned for ‘Into the Woods’ [Video]


Already being stated the most eventful cinematic experience of the holiday season, the new movie musical Into the Woods features a star-studded cast including actress Emily Blunt who reportedly almost never auditioned for the film in the first place. The reasoning for the star’s reluctance is supposedly due to the daunting task of singing live onscreen, a feat that many members of the cast feared when beginning the production.

In recent interviews, Blunt has opened up about her experience with the production and how she felt about acting through song. The actress states that she had rarely sung in public, only to herself. The star would apparently sing in the shower or driving in the car alone, sharing not even the slightest tune in front of her very own husband. The fact that she had very little practice displaying her vocal chops in front of people is what kept her questioning whether she wanted to be considered for the role of the Baker’s Wife, an immensely pivotal part in the story of the film.

It turns out that the star faced her fears, threw her uncertainties aside and nailed the audition for director Rob Marshall. Blunt’s dedication to the work and overcoming of her personal demon have resulted in much praise. As the film is now one of the most anticipated of the year, the star has earned a Golden Globe nomination for Best Leading Actress in a Comedy or Musical. Into the Woods has also received two additional nominations, one for Meryl Streep, who plays the mischievous Witch, as Best Supporting Actress and the coveted slot as a contender for Best Picture. One must be curious as to see where the movie will fare come time for the Oscar nominations, the most prestigious awards for the film industry.

The storyline of Into the Woods includes a great number of famous fairytales coming from the vault of the Brothers Grimm. RapunzelLittle Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk and Cinderella are among a few of the inclusions that are all meshed together into one congruous tale. A poor baker (James Cordon) and his wife (Blunt) come across a powerful witch (Streep) who has the ability to grant their wish of being blessed with a child. The Witch will only agree to bestow their desire upon them if they bring her four items she needs to concoct a certain potion. The baker and his wife must then venture into the woods to find the items before the third midnight if they are to have a child of their own.

Into the Woods is based on a Broadway musical by legendary composer Stephen Sondheim. He, alongside the original scriptwriter, James Lapine, aided Marshall in adapting the show to the screen every step of the way. The tale is set to appeal to children, but has a great many adult themes and morals that all grown-ups will resonate with as well. Although the film does differ slightly from the stage version for cinematic purposes, the creative team assures audiences that all that was loved from the play will undoubtably be present in the movie.

Even though some of the film’s actors like Emily Blunt almost never auditioned for Into the Woods due to their fear of singing, audiences, as a whole, are very grateful that they did. The film opens on Christmas Day and an interview with Blunt, featuring her singing, can be viewed below.

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