The Salvation Army Asked and They Did Receive

The Salvation Army

For several weeks now the Salvation Army has been making headlines, stating that they were in need of help from volunteers and donors. As an effort to try to make Christmas good for everyone, the Salvation Army has been working for over 120 years to try and gather donations for families who are less fortunate. This year they started out struggling but as they made headlines asking for volunteers to help ring the bell and people to donate for others, the Salvation Army has received a tremendous amount of support. Once people caught wind that they were struggling headlines turned from negative to positive.

In a turn of events, the Salvation Army has now began collecting great donations and has also clocked in a record amount of hours.  Though they are still down by thousands in many locations, according to sources, their collections have began improving. As many volunteers stand outside of stores and on street corners, many are taking notice of the need. One such volunteer even set a record of ringing his bell for 150 hours. Maj. Marcelino “Butch” Soriano is proud to start early in the morning and end late at night. On Friday he set a record by clocking in the 150 hours that he set out to do, as a goal this year.

With Christmas coming up it is very important that the organization gets donations in order to help families who can not afford to buy things for the holidays, as far as meals and even gifts for their children. They buy toys with the money given and give them to the children’s parents so that they can wrap the toys and give them to their children on Christmas day. But not only does the collections of the Salvation Army help the poor at Christmas time, but the donations also help all year long until the next collections for the holidays. According to sources one of the administrators told a reporter that they use at least half of the money during the following year to buy coats, send kids to camp, and even help children of imprisoned mothers get a visit each month. He stated that they do various givings throughout the year.

Each county’s organization tries to raise at least one million dollars, if not more. The more money that is raised the better off families in need are. Many branches of the Salvation Army are releasing reports that they are short of what they earned around this time last year. Though reports have also come in showing that the giving has become better since they put out the word that they were struggling, they have not reached the amount that they need to successfully help those in need. Especially as reports have also come out that people are stealing from the bell ringers or the Salvation Army’s storage lockers.

So the organization is still asking for the help of anyone who can afford to give even a small amount. Many have made large donations like a $25,000 cashier’s check, an expensive engagement ring dropped in by a broken-hearted man, or even large donations of toys made by businesses such as Hormel. Though these gifts are well appreciated even one dollar donated is another one closer to helping families who need support.

The Salvation Army is doing well this year as they asked people to volunteer or donate and they did receive, but the end of the year has not yet come. Donations are still welcome and volunteers are still greatly appreciated. As an effort to gain enough the organization has put out notice in many places of a way for people to pay by card. Those who do not carry cash, as many people do not these days with electronic banking, can donate by text message. Donations can also be accepted online. For over 120 years, the Salvation Army has been working to help those less fortunate but they could not have gotten anywhere without the help of the many who donate.

By Crystal Boulware


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