Oprah Hits the Talk Show Circuit

OprahOprah is making the rounds of daytime talk shows, and started with Dr. Oz,  talking about everything from her new movie, Selma, to how to heal our nation. She talked a bit about being sick lately, and wanted to make sure her cold was not contagious before kissing the illustrious talk show doctor, as they settled in for a chat about her new movie.

Oprah’s new movie Selma, is what is said to be one of history’s most important stories, and it will help viewers to understand the stories of our country, and the struggles for basic human rights. Annie Lee Cooper, a civil rights advocate, is the character that Oprah plays, representing a character who not only stood with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., but led marches on the capital three times. These iconic peaceful rallies ultimately resulted in gaining the right to vote for the black population, and to begin to end racial discrimination. The movie comes out on Christmas Day and is rated PG 13. Dr. Oz and Oprah urge everyone to go see this movie highlighting an important piece of history.

OprahOprah goes on to give insight into the movie and paralleling this fight with the worlds currently troubled times. Dr. King’s group had a definitive goal, and put much strategy and attention into peacefully lobbying for the most basic of human rights. Oprah believes that historically important stories need to be told and discussed. That way those that do not have a history of struggle, will have the knowledge to speak and acknowledge those struggles which could make a person, a better person. Healing begins with really hearing other peoples stories, listening to the struggles of the Hispanic, Asian, Black people, and every nationality that has had to fight for basic human rights. It builds empathy and the ability to move past the bad to truly enjoy the present, and to make changes to the future. Oprah stated that people need to acknowledge history and hear, really hear the stories, and how history shows that wrongs were done to people. Movies like this will open up the conversation, and give people empathy towards those that struggled and made history by changing they way our government thinks.

Oprah also spoke a little about her personal life and that she believes that her spiritual life is intertwined with her everyday life. She considers herself a “spiritual being” and knowing that there is something bigger than her, keeps her humble and on the right track. Oprah, while climbing the ladder to become who she is today, states that she at one time in her life spent 275 days on the road in one year. The TV icon went on to say that she never wants to live her life on that “treadmill” again. Taking time for herself, and to have peace with the who, what, where, and when of life is very important to her at this stage of her life.

Like the leaders of the past Oprah does not do anything without making it an “intentional decision.” Such as doing talk shows to promote her movie, she stated that she sat down and took a deep breath and looked at everything and came to a decision to do certain talk shows that she believed in. She will also be on Live with Kelly and Michael to promote Selma and to bring her thoughts on current and past events to viewers of their show.

by Kristi Cereska

New York Daily News
Entertainment Weekly

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