Oregon Police Find Over 37 Pounds of Cocaine in Car


In Oregon, police found over 37 pounds of cocaine in a car that they stopped on Friday due to seatbelt violations, according to a report by KHQ.com, an NBC News affiliate. The police arrested the three people in the car, who were all from Washington State.

According to Lieutenant Josh Brooks, Oregon state troopers called in a K-9 drug detection unit after they stopped the vehicle on Interstate 5 on Friday, December 5, 2014. Reportedly, the cocaine was discovered by a canine in the K-9 unit, Rainey, in a false compartment in the car, along with $6,000

The police arrested Taylor Thruelsen, 36, Christopher Winters, 26, and Christopher Carrigan, 37, charging the trio with counts of delivery, possessing and manufacturing cocaine. Carrigan and Thruelsen are both from Issaquah, Washington, while Christopher Winters is from Mill Creek, Washington.

Oregon police found more than 37 pounds of cocaine in the Washington State car, and arrested three people inside the vehicle. Updates will follow as further information becomes available.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Photo by: John Russell – Flickr License

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