Pharrell Shines With Hollywood Walk of Fame Star [Video]


Pharrell Shines With Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

For his acclaimed career in music Pharrell Williams was given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Thursday.   The 41-year-old is a well-known record producer, songwriter, rapper-singer and fashion designer.  Pharrell was happy to accept this honor in the company of his wife and son while being honored with a speech by, Ellen DeGeneres, his friend.

Pharrell has huge worldwide success but said he still feels grounded.  He praised those in attendance and said the last two years had been exceptionally surreal for him.  He is grateful for the support he receives from his wife, mother, father and brothers.  The Happy singer said he planned to celebrate when he returned home by jumping up and down on his bed with his wife while eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  The producer said he does not need a star to keep him grounded and added:

I’m really grounded because everyone around me is so much better than I am, so much more talented than I am and so much more reliable than I am. They are so good, they levitate.

The producer who has seven Grammy Awards to his credit can now add a star cemented into the streets of Los Angeles to his list of accomplishments.  After unveiling the star Pharrell rendered the type of supposed speech one with expect from such a brilliant thinker.  The man who fascinates others as a coach on the Voice USA with his profound words of wisdom said:

The scientists tell us that our galaxy is only one-trillionth of what exists. So certainly there are things that are far bigger and more significant than we could ever be. So today to be considered and acknowledged on this level is a huge thing for me.

When speaking of the success of Happy Pharrell stated he submitted nine songs for the scene in Despicable Me 2 before he finally got it right.  He is thankful for all the people who pushed him to do more and are behind the song’s success.  It is this song that has caused so many people to know his name that had not in times past.

Happy became the world’s first 24-hour music video and ultimately a global sensation. The triumph for the song is it reminds people how powerful music is.  It breaks down barriers, transcends language, geography and religion.  A song can penetrate walls where attitudes cannot and can grab one’s attention quicker than a shout.  Music has the ability to send people in a different direction and change their path, according to the singer.

Finally, said Pharrell, music is universal.  It is constantly proving how similar human beings are by taking them to a common place; a shared emotion, feeling or understanding that is often inexplicable.  There are few things on earth as beautiful as music.

Pharrell is humbled to know that something he touched has helped to inspire millions of people, reaching incongruent people across far-off places.  The fashion designer said humble seems inadequate because there are really no words to explain his feelings.

The famed musician has expressed his gratitude many times for what his song did for him personally, but he will never stop saying thank you. On Thursday Pharrell Williams was given the 2,537th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his acclaimed career in music.

by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


Daily Mail

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