Rohtak Sisters Set Bravery Example


Out of many incidences happening everyday of women abuse and molester in India and many male dominating societies, one particular case stands out when two college sisters fought back and beat their harasser. In Rohtak district of India, this bravery example was set by two young sisters.

It was a shameful situation where men were free to commit criminal and abusive activities, but at the same time, it allowed for a show of bravery, courage and resilience on the part of the women. In a case of teasing and harassing directed at them, two sisters thrashed three men inside of a Haryana Roadway bus in Rohtak.

After the sisters, named Arti and Pooja, boarded the bus from the Rohtak bus stand, a boy started teasing them and asking the girls for their phone numbers. The girls asked the boy to stop teasing them, but two other boys joined him and started making obscure gestures. When the girls protested, the boys grabbed and held them – one by her neck, and started abusing them.

One of the sisters attacked the boys and started hitting them with her belt. The fight continued between the girls and their harassers and in the end, they threw the girls out of the bus. The incident happened on the moving bus while other passengers watched in silence. Amateur video footage was shot by a co-passenger and shows the whole incident. It is now circulating on media.

The case has been filed by the SHO of the Rohtak police station. The SHO has ensured that the criminals will be arrested shortly. He further added that this is an unfortunate incident not only because girls were abused and victimized, but also because of the fact that nobody stepped up to help the girls.

The Rohtak police SHO emphasized the need of social responsibility and the duty of every citizen to stand and take action in such cases. People should change their attitudes and stop being mere onlookers of such happenings.

The incident in Rohtah has also triggered a reaction in many  human and womans rights activists. On one hand, they are praising the Rohtah girls for setting an example of bravery, and on the other hand, condemning the harassing, violent and abusive acts of the three boys.

The Chairperson of the National Commission for Women, Lalitha Kumarmangalamn, and the General Secretary of the National Federation of Indian Women, Annie Raja, praised the girls in fighting back against the boys teasing them. They asked the authorities to take proper action and commented that very few girls have the courage and strength to take action and fight for themselves in such situations.

It has been reported that the three youths, Kuldeep, Mohit and Deepak, have been arrested and will be presented before court. It has also been reported that although the parents of the girls registered the complaint, they faced pressure from their village judicial group (panchayat) to withdraw the case and surrender the complaint.

The Haryana government has honored the two sisters who, without the help of anyone else, set an example of bravery in Rohtak and showed extraordinary courage by resisting the threatening behavior of three molesters. The girls will be awarded cash prizes on Republic Day.

Opinion By Atika Jilani


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