Rosie O’Donnell Rips Katie Couric for Not Putting Stephen Collins on Blast

Veteran comedienne Rosie O’Donnell recently ripped into talk show host Katie Couric, for what she feels was not appropriately calling former friend Stephen Collins out for his behavior towards the underage girls he admitted to molesting several decades ago. She took to her person blog to detail her discontent on the matter, uploading an extremely lengthy rant regarding how she felt the 57-year-old should have actually conversed with her guest of last week.

The New York native compared her expectations of the interview in question to the way in which Couric sat down with controversial former governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin. She went on to praise the way that the host had told Palin exactly what she thought of her, and did not allow the politician to beat around the bush or escape the truth about how many individuals felt about her and the decisions she has made/things that she has said in the past and still continues to say.

The Riding The Bus With My Sister star feels that Couric went incredibly easy on the former Seventh Heaven star, given the parameters of the things that had happened regarding the aforementioned inappropriate sexual contact towards the girls in question. O’Donnell believes that it was the Virginia native’s responsibility to “expose” the actor for the person he really was and make the public 100 percent aware of his actions, rather than have a semi-friendly sit down with the man in order to get a better feel of his version of events/his reasons behind doing what he did and what he believed his actions meant for him as a person overall.

In the aforementioned blog post, O’Donnell detailed her absolute disgust regarding Collins’ actions and the fact that she feels he is completely disregarding all responsibility for them by claiming he is not a pedophile or child molester (the actor gave the statement that he did not feel he fit neither the clinical nor dictionary definition of the former label.) She then went on to detail the more extreme action that Collins’ committed against one of the girls, but attributed it with an even further molestation action that neither the 67-year-old nor the victim has actually said happened yet (the full details will not be laid out as to give respect to the girl and her family for privacy reasons.)

O’Donnell then changed her tact to a direct assault, wording her post to make it clear her views were to be read by Collins himself. She shamed him for seemingly dismissing the traumatizing impact the molestation most likely had on such a girl or (or any girl at all, for that matter) and made reference to her own horrific experience having been assaulted at a young age. She expressed the self-hatred she had to come to terms with regarding her own body and how she felt towards herself following the incident, something she says took quite some time to get over and still registers now and again.

There is no word yet on how Stephen Collins or Katie Couric feel regarding Rosie O’Donnell’s recent slam towards both of them in her recent blog post. Neither have yet to respond or give any statement regarding the matter.

By Rebecca Grace

Yahoo TV
Photo by Jason Paul Smith – Flickr License

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