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Ryan Reynolds is at last getting the chance to return to the big screen as Deadpool also known as the mercenary Wade Wilson, a character that the actor originated in 2009 during the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Since Deadpool’s appearance in the Origins story, many have speculated and held out hope that the character would finally get his chance at a feature film. Fans on Thursday were given renewed hope with a Tweet from Reynolds’ that showed an image of the mask of Deadpool made out of bullets with a mention of the character’s favorite food the chimichanga. It would seem that fans will now get what they have been waiting for, Reynolds bringing Deadpool back to the big screen.

Fox originally announced that they had scheduled Deadpool for a release date of February 12, 2016 back in September, prior to them actually signing Reynolds’ on to play the part. On Thursday new reports emerged that Fox was in the final process of negotiations with Reynolds to have him reprise his role in the full length feature. After a day of speculation, Tweets and talk of the the negotiations winding down, a final confirmation that the actor would be reprising his role was issued to USA Today by 20th Century Fox. Reynolds has long been considered the favorite to portray the character in a feature film, ever since his last visit to the screen in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

While the actors’ last attempt at portraying a superhero in a movie, The Green Lantern, was not a success at the box office, when test footage for the potential movie was leaked online the reaction from fans was overwhelming. The characters quick wit and chattiness combined with his violent tendencies were clearly visible in the footage. For many fans that short clip was a sign of good things to come. The positive reaction helped to pave the way for the return of Reynolds as Deadpool. Tim Miller is set to direct the movie with producers, Kevin Feige and Lauren Shuler Donner.

In a 2010 interview, the actor spoke to Hero Complex about his love for the character that is described as both almost impossible to kill as well as unstable. He described the character as being in prison on day one and having to establish credibility by going up to the biggest and strongest person there. When talking about Deadpool, he said that it is important to establish a sense of moral flexibility. He said while this can turn people off at the start, there is a gamble to it and the hope it that those people are won over by the end.

Reynolds has been making a comeback on the big screen since the 2013 film R.I.P.D underperformed in the theaters. Since then he has found work in the movies Selfless, The Captive and Mississippi Grind. His next movie will be The Voices which is being described as a dark comedy which had its debut at Sundance last year and was acquired by Lionsgate. Now with the return of Deadpool, Reynolds looks poised to have his biggest feature film role in the last few years.

By Kimberley Spinney


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