Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Eight Buyer Tips

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge was released to the market last month  and would-be owners need to know these eight buyer tips before getting the device. As the first smartphone to showcase the next generation curved display, it looks unique and classy. Shortly after its availability, the Web flooded with reviews and write-ups about the phablet which are summarized as follows:

It has an independent secondary screen on its left side –  The main feature of the device is its edge screen, thus, the name. The edge screen that looks like a task bar gives users another way to engage with the smartphone, with handy access to favorite apps. This screen works on its own, and receives notifications even when the cover is closed, or the main screen is playing a video.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is a Galaxy Note 4 carbon copy – The device is very identical to the Note 4, except for the curved edge. However, it has less metal and a higher price. Their internals match too, with very minimal differences.

The edge screen is what limits the metal in its build, as it requires some plastic instead. Though there is still the metal feel of shine and cold touch of its body, it is not as dominant as in the Note 4. It also costs about $140 more.

It applies Palm Rejection – The edge screen of the device does not mind unwanted screen touches and its display operations are not easy to be affected. Thanks to the Palm Rejection application, there is no need for users to be anxious about how easily they can activate the curved edge screen unintentionally. Samsung designs the curved edge to be sensitive only to touches from the S Pen, icon taps, as well as vertical and horizontal swipes.

The device has a Rotate 180 degrees feature – Since Samsung Galaxy Note Edge has an extended screen on its left side, it is ideal to be operated with the right hand. Concerns arise about using the device with the left hand. To solve that, the Note Edge has a feature called Rotate 180°, which allows the user to hold the phone upside down and the interface will flip accordingly.

It is notable though that the 5.6-inch smartphone that weighs 174 grams is big and hence, difficult to use with one hand. Ideally, the user uses his two hands with the Note Edge – one holding it, while the other is working with the screen or using the S Pen.

The smartphone comes with a smarter, powerful S Pen – It is not fair to miss its notable S Pen in the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge eight buyer tips. As a Note device, the Note Edge comes with a stylus pen and the package replicates the functions and the software of the Galaxy Note 4. The S Pen is enhanced that its touch and feel become like a real pen. Its advanced pressure sensitivity makes writing more precise.

The third-party panels on the side screen of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge are limited – The software that runs the curved screen of the device are called panels, and they are the keys of maximizing the screen’s potential. For now, most of its panels come from Samsung, and just a handful from third-parties like Twitter and Yahoo.

Its power button is placed on the top – While other smartphones position their power buttons on the side of the screen for ease of use, that is not possible with the Note Edge since it uses the edge for a secondary display. The OEM is also not putting it on the other side and places it on the top instead, which is kind of a disappointment. It is not much of a hassle when unlocking or turning the screen; but it is, when turning it off.

It is only available in black and white colors – The last but still significant of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge eight buyer tips is that, unlike the Note 4, it has no pink and gold models. Recently however, there are leaked information that the gold version of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is in the works.

By Judith Aparri


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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

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