Scorpion: Revenge (Recap and Review)


At the beginning of Scorpion: Revenge a group of masked people enter a safe manufacturing company with a bottle of water, guns and explosives. Shooting two people dead, they open a safe and set off exploding boxes. Walter O’Brien is still having trouble dealing with Paige’s ex husband Drew getting closer to their high IQ son Ralph, and in the process becoming involved with Paige again. Walter is having to work really hard to handle Drew’s encroachment and Team Scorpion get called in to investigate the safe manufacturing job. Before that, Drew asks Paige to dinner and the gang, especially Sylvester, are all uncomfortable that they eavesdropped on the conversation.

At the crime scene, it is revealed that Agent Gallo knows the investigating officer, Agent Simone Taylor from Interpol from a case they worked together years before. In this episode, Walter’s team learn that they are “starting to get a reputation,” a good one. O’Brien and Happy show Taylor that they were the right people to call when they explain why and how the water was used to break into a high tech safe.

Sylvester tells Walter that he feels this sort of crime is not something that they should be looking into. Seconds after he says this, the human calculator finds, and touches, a small metal box that is one of the explosives that the criminals left behind and the thing blows up, throwing Sylvester through that air. This all happens in the show’s introduction and the team learn that Sylvester is in very bad shape. Walter’s sister, who is doing physical therapy at the same hospital that Dodd is in, will keep track of his progress while team Scorpion investigate the crime and try to catch the people who put Dodd into hospital.

Cabe warns Scorpion leader Walter that he needs to remember to not let revenge or anger cloud his thinking. The criminals are called the “Ghosts” and learn that the law enforcement community have been trying to catch them for over a decade. The team is having a hard time dealing with Sylvester’s life threatening injuries and Toby butts heads with Walter, afterward, Happy comes to comfort her friend. Walter’s sister learns that Sylvester was saved because a piece of shrapnel, which should have gone into his heart, lodged in his sternum instead. After his surgery, Megan tells the surgeon that Walter will want to see it.

After examining the piece of metal from the IED Happy and Toby find a suspect. The team get the man to talk after “torturing” Toby and scaring the suspect into cracking. The man gives up Agent Taylor’s main Ghost suspect Javier Barrios who appears to be operating under a lot of pressure. Possibly as much as Scorpion who are having to deal with Sylvester’s deteriorating condition. While the group get more information that can help them catch Barrios and his team, Dodd suffers a grand mal seizure because of swelling to his brain.

Walter’s mood darkens and Taylor talks to him about it. Afterward, O’Brien and Toby settle their issues and move ahead. The team work out who Ghost are planning to hit next, a drug lord who double crossed the criminals in the past and as the team head out, the Ghost gang attack an armored truck, killing the guards and stealing a safe deposit box. Agent Gallo and team Scorpion get there after Javier and his team, who robbed the truck mounted on motorcycles, escape and they chase them down. Walter gets close enough to confront one of the riders who knocks him down, but not before O’Brien plants his cell phone on the biker.

The bad guys get caught after Happy knocks a couple of the bike riders over with a fire hydrant and the leader, Javier, is chased off a roof by Walter. As the Ghost leader tries to climb down, the ladder falls away and Barrios grabs the roof with one hand and asks Walter to help him. O’Brien hesitates and when he decides to help, it is too late and Javier falls to his death. Sylvester survives but now he is scared to work at Scorpion, Megan promises to help him get through his issues.

Agent Taylor invites Walter out for a drink, Drew and Paige appear to be mending a few bridges and Walter has made a new friend, who invites him back to her hotel room. Walter turns her down and Paige also cuts her “date” short, these two join the rest of Scorpion to visit a sleeping Sylvester in hospital. In Revenge, the team get even closer and everyone learns more about what makes each member tick. Paige becomes the person who helps the team in almost every tricky situation and Walter is still hooked on Ralph’s mother. This oddball crime show is steadily getting better and better and while there are some plot holes, the show continues to entertain thoroughly.

By Michael Smith



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