Scott Stapp Missing in Action

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Scott Stapp, the frontman for Creed, is missing in action. He recently released a video to his fans saying he was broke and homeless and living in a hotel. Things have apparently gotten worse for him because friends of the singer reportedly have not seen him since November 13. At the time, He was also denying rumors of alleged drug use.

In Stapp’s video, which is no longer available on his Facebook page, he made comments about the IRS seizing his assets, believing it was a clerical error. He also mentioned that someone was stealing money from him and he felt he was being blackmailed. At the end of his video, that was taken down immediately, he published his email address hoping to get help with legal assistance.

Friends of Stapp claim that last time he was seen was on a Florida interstate after calling 911 because he believed someone was trying to kill him. Despite many efforts to reach the famed rocker, no one has been able to contact him.

Reportedly, Stapp received $1.5 million in 2013 from his label as an advance for his solo album, Proof of Life.  Prior to that, Creed was paid $3 million in 2009 for their latest collaborative album, Full Circle. Despite all the money that has allegedly come his way, he still insisted he was broke and homeless, leaving friends and family wondering about his mental status.

Stapp is no stranger to drugs and alcohol. He was addicted to prescription painkillers and was a heavy drinker. He had been in a serious car accident in 2002 and fell from a balcony in 2006. Both incidents left him with severe injuries and fueled his addictions. Once he went to rehab and sobered up, he claims he stayed that way and has re-devoted his life to God.

The rocker’s wife, Jaclyn Stapp, cited his drug use as one reason she filed for divorce. She is also included texts from Stapp that she found concerning because he seemed paranoid. The texts were said to contain ramblings about biological weapons and also talked about Satan’s creator. She is seeking temporary sole custody of their two children.

Creed got together in Florida in 1993. They came on the scene in a post-grunge era where alternative rock was the new sound. Some of their influences include Nirvana, Metallica, Collective Soul, and Led Zepplin. Their music was earnest and their lyrics dealt heavily with religious discord in the early days of the band. Stapp was spiritually abused by his stepfather, which may have caused his dissension and later re-devotion to God.

As the frontman for Creed, Stapp has found great success. Creed released several number one hits, including the Grammy-winning With Arms Wide Open along with selling nearly 60 million albums. Creed’s album, Human Clay was released on September 28, 1999 and sold over 11 million copies.  Despite their apparent popularity, Stapp is still allegedly struggling with money and missing in action.

His success did not come without a price. Stapp recently found himself broke and homeless and trying to recover. However, friends of the rocker cannot seem to find him.  More than 20 years after he formed his band, and 15 years from his album’s success, he is struggling with money, living in a hotel, reportedly in the middle of a psychotic break and missing in action.

By Kerri Cushna

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