Simon Field Brings Club House Back With ‘Gravity’ [Review]

Simon Field
Norway’s Simon Field has only been on the electronic music scene as a solo artist for about a year, but he is already known in both Europe and the U.S. for his classic deep house sounds. He has been releasing tracks with Sony and Universal since late 2013, and in a previous incarnation his tracks were featured on popular TV shows like Ugly Betty, Californication, and America’s Next Top Model. While Simon Field is best-known for his remixes in the very popular EDM style of deep house, his new song Gravity is a throwback to the early days of electronica with a modern twist.

Simon Field has been releasing tracks under his own name for only a year, but prior to 2013 he was in an electronic group called Café du MIDI. Field’s work with Cafe du MIDI was featured on many popular U.S. TV series, most recently Californication and the new series about the fur industry, Pelts. Café du MIDI does not seem to be disbanded per se, but is seems Simon Field wanted to explore his club music side with new solo tracks, and he has done so to great acclaim.

Simon Field released a few remixes before his first original track, including a remix of Tears for Fears’ Pale Shelter. His first full track, The Music Is You, was written with and features multiplatinum rapper A-Lee and also features soul singer Lopez. The Music is You is a fun, disco-inspired dance track which showed Field’s potential for more upbeat club sounds. Since the original release, Field has remixed this track in a number of other styles and other artists have remixed it as well. He has done at least six more remixes since The Music Is You, including a deep house mix of Nina Simone’s Feeling Good which is now hugely popular, played in clubs and sampled worldwide.

Simon FieldGravity is Simon Field’s second original track and was released in early November on Sony. It features UK singer Easton Davis, who has worked with the likes of George Michael and David Bowie. An EP was also released December 8 with three remixed versions of the track. The original mix is a lighthearted dance track which hearkens back to the early days of club house with a bubbly bassline and 80s-inspired organ samples. Easton Davis also adds to the nostalgic feel with his silky R&B vocals. This mix shows that Field has done his homework and understands the roots of the house genre, and he pays homage to it in a fun and funky way.

Gravity House Edit, also by Simon Field, is much more modern and could be classed as deep house. This remix seems it was made more for the EDM crowd, as it is faster and has a beat and sample structure which would work well for a large festival audience. It still contains Davis’ classic-sounding vocals, however. With Classi Remix, Field seems to want to cover all his bases as it is a tech house mix with lots of electro-rave samples. This remix is also excellent for a large electronic festival during peak hours as it is the most high-energy remix on the EP. The third Gravity remix is by Lars van Dalen and Mike Moorish and would be classed as electro house, as it has very little in the way of lyrics and lots of looping samples and ambient overtracking. The Gravity EP also contains a shorter radio edit for the Lars van Dalen and Mike Moorish remix.

With his solo work, it seems that Simon Field likes starting with classic house style such as disco or 80s club house. This shows his understanding of where house and rave music came from. With his remixes, Field also shows he has a love of all the different sub-genres of house music as they have evolved, and he will definitely have a heavy hand in shaping where house is going. By building multiple remixes around each track he creates, he is making sure his music has something for every taste in electronica.

The Gravity EP is being sold exclusively on Beatport, and streaming versions of many of Simon Field’s songs are listed there as well with Soundcloud links. His remix of Nina Simone’s Feeling Good, along with a number of other tracks are also available for free download via Beatport’s links to Soundcloud. Fans who are interested in hearing Field’s earlier downtempo work with Café du MIDI can find those songs on Amazon.

Review by Layla Klamt

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