Somali al Shabaab Kill 36

Somali al Shabaab

Somali al Shabaab

Somali al Shabaab militants are believed to have killed 36 workers of the non-Muslim faith in Kenya. The massacre took place at a quarry in the northeastern part of the country on Tuesday. At least two killed were beheaded in the same region that the militants took over a bus over a week ago and killed 28 non-Muslim passengers. It appears that militant gunmen snuck up on workers at the quarry as they slept in their tents at approximately 1 a.m., according to an elder from the village at Korome.

Hassan Duba told Reuters in an interview that the militia had separated the non-Muslims from the Muslims. They then told the non-Muslims to get down on the ground and then they killed them with head shots. Another witness stated that many of the victims had indeed been shot in their skulls. This witness counted 36 killed at the quarry, which is approximately 10 miles away from Mandera.

The government in Kenya has confirmed that 36 people at the quarry were killed. They reported that survivors indicated that there were as many as 20 militants involved in the massacre. The government also added that a single person had died in an attack in Wajir, a town in the northern part of Kenya late Monday.

The bus attack that happened on November 23 occurred just outside of Mandera. In that attack, the militants had ordered all non-Muslims to get off of the bus. After they were off the bus, the militants shot them and spared the lives of the Muslims.

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s critics believe that the country’s leader has not secured the nation enough since last years attack at the Westgate, a shopping mall in Nairobi’s, by al Shabaab gunmen last year. That assault left 67 people dead and was followed by more al Shabaab attacks. Now with Somali al Shabaab militants killing 36 more non-Muslims, it is expected that the president will face more criticism.

The Somali al Shabaab militants have said that they are punishing the country for sending their troops to Somalia to join with other African peacekeepers fighting the Islamists. In a statement by the militants, the indicated that the death toll was at 40 and called them the “Kenyan crusaders.”

Ali Mohamud Rage, spokesman for the Somali al Shabaab militants, said is uncompromising in their beliefs and relentless in their pursuit and against the disbelievers. They will do whatever they feel is necessary to defend their Muslim brothers from suffering aggressive actions by Kenya.

According to many opponents of the Kenyatta’s government, Kenyan troops in Somalia has not done anything to protected Kenya. Because of this, the critics believe the troops should all be withdrawn from Somalia and return home to Kenya.

According to spokesman for opposition politician and former prime minister Raila Odinga, Dennis Onyango said that wall between the nation and the violence was to be formed by the troops. However, it has not happened, so they are telling them to leave.

Since the attack by Somali al Shabaabat Westgate, Kenya has been suffering from series of bomb and gun attacks in the capital Nairobi, on the coast of the country and along the Somalia border in the north. The government continues to promise increased security, however, the citizens of Kenya have grown more frustrated. After the bus attack in Mandera, protesters have staged gatherings demanding the government to take action.

News of the quarry attack that killed 36 by Somali al Shabaab militants has caused the Kenyan shilling fall in value to the dollar Tuesday. Tourism, which is a major source of the country’s foreign exchange, had already put the currency under pressure. The attacks have just added to the devaluing of the currency.

By Carl Auer

Charlotte Observer
NBC News