Sony Corporation Hack North Korea’s Fault?

Sony Corporation

North Korea has been named as the reason for the Sony Corporation hack, but the country’s government says that it is not at fault. It has even asked for a joint probe with the United States to get to the bottom of the issue. The news comes after the United States claimed that someone inside North Korea had hacked the company.

Sony Corporation has come under scrutiny since the hack. A number of emails have emerged, including some sharing personal details about a number of celebrities. Angelina Jolie and Channing Tatum are just two who have been named in the emails, and The Interview has been scrapped for release due to the threats.

James Franco and Seth Rogan have even reportedly hired bodyguards to protect them. They have received threats due to their movie, which pokes fun at North Korea and its leader Kim Jong-Un. In the movie, two journalists, played by the two celebrities, are commissions to assassinate Jong-Un.

There are many wondering just who is at fault of the Sony Corporation hack, and the Americans claim that it is North Korea. It would seem to make sense considering the nature of The Interview, which has faced the most backlash since the news. However, the Foreign Ministry’s spokesman for the country says that it is not at fault, and wants a joint investigation.

The spokesman went as far to say that there would be “grave consequences” if the country refused to allow this to happen. “Countermeasures” will be put in place until the person at fault is found. The Korean Central News Agency spokesman has released a similar statement, and says that it knows how to prove the responsibility does not lie on the country without “resorting to torture.”

North Korea presumably commented about torture due to the recent report about the number of CIA agents who have tortured people. This is an ongoing report, with many from the United Kingdom’s MI6 possibly being involved.

Almost 38 million files were taken from the Sony Corporation hack. It started on November 24, and meant that internal documents and emails were released. One of those was the promise of an attack on all movie theaters that showed The Interview. After the release of the emails, the movie theaters looked into other options to avoid the terrorist attacks. They considered showing Team America: World Police but that has also now been cancelled.

When investigating the hack, the United States found that North Korea was to blame. President Barack Obama stated that the Sony Corporation hack was only at the hands of the dictatorship country, and officials had consulted countries surrounding it to get to help bring North Korea under some type of control. These countries include Japan, Russia and China.

Accusing North Korea of this without enough proof could lead to further tensions between the two countries. It is the first time that such a wide-scale hack in America has been blamed on another country. However, North Korea states that it is not at fault for the Sony Corporation hack, and will prove that if necessary.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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  1. Sony Jim   December 22, 2014 at 7:58 pm

    No there is no evidence that North Korea attacked Sony… But it is self evident that South Korea’s (LG, & Samsung) have destroyed Sony’s ability to make money in consumer electronics. Japan is a sinking ship drowning in huge trade deficits whilst South Korea makes a nice surplus exporting their products 🙂 That makes me smile 😀


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