‘Star Wars’ Awakens the Fanboys in Hollywood

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As anyone who has been on the internet over the weekend will know, the new trailer for the extremely highly anticipated new J. J. Abrams film Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been released and has awoken numerous fanboys and fangirls, including some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Many of the celebs took to Twitter to announce their excitement for the film while others like actor Kevin Smith actually spoke to the media about how the new Star Wars footage affected him.

Smith reportedly stated that the trailer, amounting to only 88 seconds long, took him back to his days of childhood and filled him with a great amount of nostalgia. The actor continued by stating that he convinced his parents to take him to the re-release of the original Star Wars film in 1979 only so he could watch the very first trailer for the original’s sequel, The Empire Strikes Back. Smith additionally said that in watching the trailer for The Force Awakens, he momentarily felt the negativity and cynicism that comes with being a middle-aged man disappear due to the fact it took him back to that moment of happiness in his youth.

More of Hollywood’s stars tweeted their thoughts on the trailer over the weekend. Anna Kendrick from Pitch Perfect among them, posted that neither language nor emojis can express her excitement for the new Star Wars movie. Josh Gad who voices the public’s favorite snowman, Olaf from Frozen comically tweeted that he was in tears over the trailer, noting the new claymore-style lightsaber and the iconic Millennium Falcon in particular.

The Big Bang Theory actress Mayim Bialik stated that she simply cannot wait an entire year for the movie, as the trailer states the release for Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be in December of 2015. Actress Jaime King also used Twitter to express her love of Star Wars, stating that her “morning-month-year” had just been made after the trailer made its way online this past Friday morning. King just so happens to voice the principal character of Aurra Sing on the hit animated TV show Star Wars: The Clone Wars, so her tie to the franchise, is undoubtably very personal.

The Force Awakens is destined to be a box office smash as the already-enormous fan base will only grow within the year-long marketing campaign of the film. To add even more nostalgia, the stars of the original Star Wars trilogy are slated to appear in the new film as well. Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill will reprise their iconic roles of Han Solo, Princess Leia andLuke Skywalker, respectively. Kenny Baker is also set to return as R2-D2 alongside his fellow comrade Anthony Daniels as C-3P0. The wookie Chewbacca will also be reprised by Peter Mayhew.

In addition to the originals, Abrams has brought together a band of some of the best up-and-coming actors in Hollywood. John Boyega, Daisy Ridley and Oscar Isaac were featured in the release trailer and the likes of Andy Serkis from Lord of the Rings, Gwendoline Christie from Game of Thrones and recent Oscar winner for 12 Years a Slave, Lupita Nyong’o, are also part of the star-studded ensemble.

The new Star Wars trailer has most definitely awoken the fanboys of Hollywood. Audiences will be on the edge of their seats waiting for the next peek at The Force Awakens and the ultimate release of the film on Dec. 18, 2015.

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