Steps to a Happier New Year


It is that time again when the masses are making preparation for renewed declarations for the New Year. For the first two weeks of the year many will be highly motivated by all the resolutions (or whatever they have chosen to call them) they have put in place for a brighter tomorrow. A happy new year is possible but in order to accomplish this one must go past the feeling of the moment into intentional transformation.

It is important to understand that life is not simply a puzzle that can be solved; instead it is a journey that needs to be embraced. The reality is wherever a person found themselves in 2014 is a direct result of the habits they developed and the patterns they created. Unless there is change, 2015 will simply be more of the same. Life returns what is sown into it.

If we continue into the next year with the same mentality, we will be crazy to expect anything different.

True success will never be obtained until one recognizes the small behaviors that are keeping them stuck. Everyone has blind spots or areas they cannot see clearly. This is why it is important to have “spotters” for the purpose of accountability as we navigate life’s issues. Here are a few steps we can incorporate or changes that can be made to ensure 2015 brings more progress than the past:

Chase things that are important to your purpose: There is an old saying, “The man who chases two rabbits catches neither.” Stop crowding your life with time wasters masked as necessities. The world is waiting for you to realize the reason you were born so you can render your authentic contribution. In a society plagued with distractions, it is important to turn down the noise levels and concentrate our efforts on one task at a time.

Be present in the moment: It so easy to get lost in what you wished was instead of embracing the present moment. Time is some folk’s sworn enemy because they are either worried about tomorrow or stressed about yesterday. It is necessary to celebrate where you are right now instead of wasting time with negative thoughts about what could have been. Life always offers opportunities to be down, but you always have the power a different outcome.

Find what feeds your creativity: The average person’s creativity has been denied so long it has become unrecognizable. Many people get so lost making a living that they cease to use their talents and gifts. We were created from the perspective of having our talents make the way for our lives to be successful. Get those creative juices flowing; the world is waiting for your contribution.

The only thing that has the power to make this coming year better than the last is the set of new behaviors that each person puts into practice. Life will not just change because you want it to; you have to will it to with a new way of managing life. Life responds to action. It gets better when we do better. Unleash the power of transformation today by incorporating the steps to a happier New Year and secure a better 2015.

by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)

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