Kaley Cuoco Not a Feminist

CuocoIn an upcoming issue of Redbook Magazine scheduled to hit news stands in January, Kaley Cuoco says that she does not consider herself to be a feminist. In the new interview the actress discusses not only her beliefs on being a feminist but also her work on The Big Bang Theory and other areas of her life and even stardom in general. Cuoco, who was married last year to Ryan Sweeting, even discusses her relationship with her husband and how that relationship correlates to her own feelings on being a non-feminist.

The interview touched on Cuoco’s work with The Big Bang Theory and her latest contract which is for three more years on the show and is worth $1 million per episode. That particular paycheck makes her one of the highest paid television actresses. In the interview she says that she only considers the money as to how it pertains to her family and the ability to provide security for them. Cuoco discusses how her parents supported her while she went back and forth to auditions over the course of 16 years. Just as her parents always took care of her, she says that now she wants to be able to take care of them.

When Cuoco was asked if she believed that she was a feminist, the actress said that she did not particularly think she was although she does acknowledge that she is cognizant of the strides that women have been making towards equality. The actress says that while she does not think about being a feminist and has never been someone who has demanded to be treated equally, she feels this may be because she has never been faced with inequality.

She even discussed in part her relationship with husband Sweeting. Cuoco said that five nights a week she cooks for her husband and that this makes her happy. She said that for her it makes her feel like a housewife. For Cuoco, she says that although this may seem old fashioned, she believes in women taking care of the men in their lives. Part of this belief the actress acknowledges is from her mother but she also said that when she is at work she is in control so when she gets home she is happier serving her husband.

Although the article focused primarily on her work and her beliefs, the interview also touched on the actress’ breast augmentation as well as on women that are taking nude pictures of themselves on their phones. When asked about why she did the augmentation, the actress said that it was not about being sexy or trying to look like a porn star, but instead that she wanted to feel more confident since she had always felt that she was ill-proportioned. In regards to the nude pictures the only thing that Cuoco had to say was to use a Polaroid versus using a cell phone. Cuoco may not believe that she is a feminist but she does acknowledge that she has never been subjected to inequality and is more than happy to acknowledge that there have been major strides towards true equality.

By Kimberley Spinney


Daily Mail

Photo By MelodyJSandoval – Flickr License

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