Supernatural Could See John Winchester Return


One thing that Supernatural fans have asked for since the season two finale was for John Winchester to return, and that could finally happen. Jeffery Dean Morgan, who plays the character on the CW show, has previously stated that he would love to make a return. The problem for the writers is that the character permanently died during the season two premiere to save eldest brother Dean Winchester. He made a final appearance as he escaped through the Gates of Hell and presumably went up to Heaven.

The mid-season finale of Supernatural opened the door for a return of the father of the two Winchester brothers, most likely as a flashback. During the episode, Dean reminisced of a time that his dad found him in a club while he was underage and drunk. The mention put a smile on a lot of fans’ faces, who love to hear about the Winchesters before the show started.

Another mention during the season also occurred in Fan Fiction, the show’s 200th episode. The musical episode told some of the story from the start, as it was a love letter to the fans.

Many fans have wanted to see John Winchester return in some way. There was hope during earlier seasons when there were flashbacks that involved John driving the Impala, however the face of the man acting was never seen. Morgan had not reprised his role in any of these.

Supernatural fans could see John Winchester return in the second half of season 10. Now would be the time to do it considering it could be the last ever season. The CW has not shared renewals yet, and likely will not do until April or May next year.

While it will only be as flashbacks, it is better than nothing. However, fans would like to see John return in the present day to find out what actually happened to him. Many suspect that John and Mary Winchester found their way back to each other in Heaven and are existing in the afterlife peacefully.

Another hint that Supernatural could see the man’s return is that Morgan is set to make an appearance at the 2015 Las Vegas convention. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, who play Dean and Sam Winchester, both confirmed that the actor would be there at the Salute to Supernatural Burbank convention this year.

However, Morgan does not expect his character to return. It seems he believes the storyline has finished and there is no need to bring him back in. With flashbacks, the show has managed perfectly well having people who look similar to him be on the show, since there is no need to ever show his face. Other methods have been to go to the past and have a young John Winchester in the series.

Maybe fans will get what they wish for on the show. The writers and show runners certainly listen to them, and bringing John back somehow could be in their plans. Right now there seem to be no concrete plans, but there are certainly possibilities that Supernatural could bring John Winchester back, at least in flashback episodes.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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