Supernatural Midseason Finale Was Most Watched Episode in Four Years


The Supernatural midseason finale was the most watched episode in the last four years. There are many reasons for this, and one of those was due to the trailer. There was the promise that Dean Winchester would become the demon that he was at the start of the season; or at least, a hint that he would become one in time for the return after the winter break.

While Supernatural has been one of the more popular shows for the CW network, it has suffered from a decline in viewers. Some of this has been blamed on the longer story arcs over the years as well as a change in executive producers. Eric Kripke created the series and promised that he would only take it to season five.

That was something he stuck to, but the CW network had other plans. It was popular with viewers, and the network wanted it to continue. It led to Robert Singer and Sera Gamble taking over as the executive producers, picking it up where it left off. That meant intricate, long storylines with the angels and demons.

Unfortunately, the show lost some of its original spark. It became about brother against brother, rather than the two of them working together. By season eight, Gamble left and Jeremy Carver took her place as executive producer. The ratings rose as he started to bring back some of the original feeling to the show.

However, it was only this week that the view count hit a four year high. The Supernatural midseason finale was the most watched in four years, hitting 44 percent more in the 18 to 34 age range compared to last week’s episode.

Some of this has been blamed on the teaser. Many fans are waiting to see Deanmon come back. Supernatural’s 10th season was promised to be the Year of the Deanmon. Instead, he lasted three episodes before being cured by Sam. While it took the show back to some of its roots with the two brothers back on the road, hunting things and saving lives, there were many fans disappointed and left feeling cheated.

Some worried that the whole Mark of Cain would be forgotten about with two episodes in a row of no mention of it. However, Ask Jeeves soon showed that it was still there and it would come back with a vengeance. That was what the midseason finale was supposed to be about for fans. Instead, it was all about Castiel feeling guilty for the way his vessel’s daughter’s life has turned out.

The only real touch on the Mark was right at the end. Dean slaughters a group of men, and ends with a scared look in his eyes. He clearly knows he is in a lot of supernatural trouble.

It has left the next half of the season open to be about the Mark of Cain, and may even have Dean going dark side. However, it was not the ending that fans hoped for when the episode started out. The teaser does explain why Supernatural’s midseason finale was the most watched episode in four years.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham



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