The 100’s Ricky Whittle Knew What Would Happen to His Character Early

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Ricky Whittle, who plays Lincoln on The 100, says that he knew what would happen to his character earlier than normal. It has been a turbulent time for the Grounder love interest, and it seemed to reach the limit over the last couple of weeks with him becoming a cannibal.

It turns out that the Reapers were the drugged up bodyguards for Mount Weather. They eat humans, and will attack anyone they see. Really, it was a way for the Mountain Men to protect themselves from the Grounders, as well as a way to experiment on them.

Whittle explained that Jason Rotherberg, The 100 executive producer, told him about the storyline for season two at San Diego’s Comic-Con. The idea was for Whittle to have the time to research drug effects and portraying someone who was drugged up and, presumably, coming down from a detox. There were TV shows, movies and documentaries for him to look through. While it was a lot to learn, it was also sad and traumatic in places.

One thing that The 100 wants is to have a realistic show. That fell somewhat short in this week’s episodes with the changes in characters such as Finn and Jaha, but for Lincoln’s storyline they have certainly succeeded. The addiction storyline is one that they have needed to portray in a true light, but add the sci-fi, futuristic element to it.

Whittle revealed that he knew what would happen to his character on The 100 early for research, so he will know what is to come now. In this week’s episode, it seemed that he was cured of his Reaper ways. It was all the drug, and once that is out of his system he should be back to normal. Of course, now comes the detox and that is likely to be a difficult and turbulent time for all involved.

It will be interesting to see how the detox effects his relationship with Octavia. For Rotherberg, this has been the true relationship on the show. They have a Romeo and Juliet relationship, and one that they have not yet been able to have a lot of fun with. Will it end with the way of Shakespeare’s play where they both die? This is possible.

Rotherberg does not necessarily give fans what they want, according to The 100’s Whittle. He said that it is about what the fans need from the show, and that does not mean all couples will end up together. The most dramatic thing is to split up, which is why the couples have constantly been apart on the show this season. It has meant that Octavia has grown into a strong independent woman, and she will do anything to get Lincoln back.

One thing that Whittle commends the writers for is showing how pure people are taken over by drug addiction. Nobody would have guessed that Lincoln would have acted like this, and that makes the storyline even more dramatic for many fans. A lot of the great storytelling did come from letting Whittle know what was going to happen to his character on The 100 early, so he could research the effects of drug addiction.

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