The 100 Season 2 Episode 7: Long Into an Abyss [Recap/Review]

The 100

The 100’s seventh episode of season two, Long Into an Abyss, aired last night. It was full of strange storylines, especially for Finn, but some fans will also find some of them eye-rolling and obvious. The main one to mention is Lincoln’s Reaper problem.

Finn’s character is becoming far too bipolar to be realistic. Five days ago, he killed a handful of people and admitted that he no longer knew who he was. Now, all of a sudden, he just says he has to live with it and is moving on. Did Raven’s talk with him last week really have that much of an effect on him?

On top of that, Clarke is defending him. Yes, the 100 have all been through a lot and they do need to work together, but Finn needs help; or at least, should need help. It is no surprise when Nyko attempts to kill him. Some fans wonder whether all this is setting it up for Finn’s death, and maybe even some type of noble sacrifice to repent for his sins.

Another character that seems to have done a complete 180 on The 100, is Jaha. He and Abby are at odds about who is in power and what they should do next. With everything that Jaha went through to get to Earth and get through being imprisoned, it is understandable that he has a hardened nature, but there is no way that he would want to sacrifice and forget about the remaining teens that are all at Mount Weather. Rather than move the camp a little bit further away, he wants to cross the desert.

Long Into the Abyss, episode seven of The 100 season two, did focus a little on Lincoln, which is about time. This is one change that is believable considering everything that he has been through with the Mountain Men and becoming a Reaper. There are many feelings within him, and that was clear just from the screaming and yelling.

When Lincoln does escape, though, it seems like they have to do the one thing Octavia does not want them to do. The best part was seeing Abby and Clarke agreeing for once on The 100; in fact, Abby backed Clarke’s decisions.

While Nyko attempts—and temporarily succeeds—to kill Lincoln, Octavia and Clarke works on reviving him. This is the part of the plan that was the obvious part. When it comes to a main character, there is no way that the writers could just kill him off like that. There has to be another way out, and Abby finds that by bringing Lincoln back from the dead with the help of shock cables.

Of course, Reapers have never survived, and Nyko admits that. This is the point where Clarke realizes that they have a way to keep themselves safe from the Grounders. They offer them something that they need: protection from their greatest enemy, the Reapers. The 100 can now cure them.

At Mount Weather, things are still a little tense. Cage tells the group that they need marrow from all the kids to help with their radiation plans. This is after they let Keenan out to test the blood treatment. It turns out that it is only a temporary fix, and will not allow them to live outside. The problem with the bone marrow treatment is that the 47 will have to die for that to work. While Cage is happy with that decision, Dante will not allow it. Tsing believes that Dante will give in eventually, and starts work on getting marrow from Harper, while the rest of the kids look for a way to escape Mount Weather.

There is still a lot happening on the show, with different groups of people. It has not quite lost the feeling from season one, but the groups are finally coming together to fight their common enemies. The problem is with Long Into an Abyss, episode seven of season two, is that many of the characters on The 100 are changing too quickly to remain realistic.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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