Supernatural Comes Back to U.K. Screens


Supernatural is coming back to screens in the U.K. The demon-fighting, road-travelling brothers will make a return sometime in 2015. Unfortunately, the viewers will be a season behind, with season nine being the one aired while the show is currently on its 10th season.

It is better than nothing, though. Fans of the show were left disappointed when Sky decided to axe the show in March, without any sign of another network picking up the show. In the end, E4 decided to take up the spot to give fans the chance to see the Winchester brothers back in action. It will pick up where Sky left off to make sure fans are not completely lost.

This is not the first channel change for the show. When Supernatural first started, it was picked up by ITV, and aired on ITV2. The network had the first four seasons, until Sky decided to take up an exclusive deal. It ended up airing seasons five to eight on Sky Living, which was previously called Living. The two networks have been known for airing previous WB and CW shows, including The Vampire Diaries (ITV) and Charmed (Living).

There is no definite date for the arrival of the show as of yet. A day of the week has not yet been picked either. Thursdays is highly unlikely as it is the comedy night for E4. January is expected for Supernatural to come back to U.K. screens, which is when ITV would regularly start a season of the show.

E4 is also known for airing CW shows, which is the network that airs Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries and many other young adult shows. It aired the whole first season of The 100 and is expected to air the second season. It also airs a number of other American programs, including The Big Bang Theory and Melissa and Joey.

Fans will be excited to hear that the demon-fighting brothers are coming back to their TV screens. The last they saw of the Winchesters was at the end of season eight, when Sam was close to death while trying to cure Crowley. It was the last task in the attempt to seal the Gates of Hell forever. However, Dean stopped his brother after learning that it would kill him.

At the same time, Metatron was closing the Gates of Heaven, and that meant taking Castiel’s grace. Unlike Sam, Metatron succeeded and all angels were falling from Heaven to Earth. Channel 4 shares the premise for the season, including the dark line that Dean may have to cross if he wants to save his brother.

In the United States, Supernatural is currently wrapping up the first half of season 10. The show enjoyed its 200th episode in October, which was a love letter to the fans with musical numbers. It will return to American screens on the CW channel on January 20.

Mark Shepherd, a British actor who plays Crowley on the show, has tweeted the news to his followers. E4 has picked up Supernatural and the show will come back to U.K. screens sometime in early 2015.

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