Supernatural Midseason Finale: The Things We Left Behind [Recap/Review]


The Supernatural midseason finale, The Things We Left Behind, was hyped up as the moment Dean Winchester was going to make a decision about the Mark of Cain. The trailers suggested that he was going to go dark side again, and possibly have the next half of the season all about Deanmon again. However, many fans found themselves disappointed as it was really only the final moments that hinted that the episode was anything to do with the Mark of Cain.

The episode followed on really from episode seven, when Castiel started searching for information about his vessel, Jimmy Novak. The last his family saw of him was when he died without Castiel being there. However, they are now looking for him and his daughter Claire is in trouble. After Jimmy left, so did Claire’s mother and now she is angry.

Castiel turns to the two people he can trust: the Winchester brothers. While Sam is happy to help, Dean wants to talk to the angel in private. He knows that Castiel will kill Dean if he gives into the Mark of Cain. It is clearly something he worries about, especially with the nightmares of blood and dead bodies.

There was a moment Supernatural fans would have loved; a story about John Winchester. Dean tells a story about when he was drunk while underage, and his dad saved him. Maybe one day they will find a way to bring John Winchester back, at least just for an episode.

Claire is refusing to stay with her angel dad, and chooses to return to her fake family. The dad turns out to be a criminal and is in need of money. Claire will rob a convenience store to get it, but Castiel stops her before she gets a chance. It turns out that her surrogate father has gambling debts with loan sharks, and the guy does the only thing he can think of. He sells Claire as an underage sex slave to the sharks.

Another part of the Supernatural midseason finale, The Things We Left Behind, focused on Crowley and his mother, Rowena. She has been locked up all this time, but she tells him that she would like them to be a family. Crowley asks about his dad, and of course she has no idea who that is. She was involved in an orgy at Winter Solstice and got pregnant.

He clearly has some mother issues, because he is willing to believe anything Rowena says. She tells him about his second-in-command allowing souls escape, and that leads to Crowley killing him. Of course, she was lying and wants something from him. The question is what?

The one part of this week’s Supernatural episode that does focus on Dean’s problem with the Mark of Cain is close to the end. The Winchesters and Castiel go to save Claire from the sharks, only for Dean to get knocked out. While flashing through all the bad things he did while under the Mark’s control, he tells the thugs not to make him angry. They do not listen, but then the scene flashes to Sam, Castiel and Claire.

All that can be heard is the screaming and chaos from inside the house. The three of them get inside to see the bloodbath that Dean has caused. He is surrounded by dead bodies, holding a knife and on his knees in blood. It is the scene from the Supernatural teaser that most fans were looking forward to, and fans did not even get to see how it all went down.

The look in Dean’s eyes is haunting. He knows he is in trouble, especially when Sam asks if it was all out of self-defense. Of course it was not. Dean cannot control the Mark; it controls him.

This is clearly the big ending that the writers had in mind for the Supernatural midseason finale, The Things We Left Behind, and is designed to have fans worried that Dean will give into the dark side. It is also a hint that the writers definitely have not forgotten about the Mark of Cain. Supernatural returns on January 20, and Metatron is making a return to find out about the evil inside Dean.

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