The Flash: The Man in the Yellow Suit (Recap and Review)



Now that the whole crossover thing has passed, things have gone back to what passes as normal in The Flash verse and The Man in the Yellow Suit answers a couple of questions, but only one for Barry Allen, the other is reserved for the audience. Dr. Harrison Wells turns out to be a mentor of a different color, with a connection to yellow to be exact, but before fans of the show learn this jaw dropping revelation, The Flash has to spend the whole show trying to catch the man who he believes murdered his mother and framed his father. Allen must also learn to deal with his unrequited love for Iris West. Another character also has some things in the romance department that needs settling, Caitlin Snow learns that Ronnie Raymond did not die in the accident that released all that Meta Dark Matter.

Raymond has turned into the DC version of the Fantastic Four’s Human Torch, Firestorm, although as one website has put it, he does seem like a bit of a “low rent” version of Jim Hammond. The biggest reveal of the entire night was that Wells is not the good guy that he leads Barry and the rest of the world to believe. Of course the audience already had their suspicions. Doubts were raised about the “good” doctor when he showed viewers that he could really walk.

In The Man in the Yellow Suit, The Flash learns that the villain who killed his mother is a yellow suited man that is a “reverse Flash” who is a lot faster than Allen. What he does not remember, but Cisco does after watching the two Flashes duking it out, is that Barry saw yellow and red lightning in the room where Mrs. Allen died, which means that the yellow chap was not the only one in the room. Presumably whoever this second flash was will be answered later in the season, or not if the series is approved for a second season.

The Reverse Flash showing up has more to do with the scientific equipment that Dr. McGee has developed in her lab rather than any personal agenda with Barry Allen. The good Doctor McGee, played by Amanda Pays who is reprising her role from the 1990 series of The Flash, comes across as humorless and quite aggressive and the woman clearly does not like or trust Wells. She reluctantly releases her invention so that Allen and the police can trap the villain and the yellow suited villain steals it, which was obviously his intention all along.

Caitlin and Cisco hunt down Ronnie Raymond only for him to deny that he is Ronnie and he tells Snow that she needs to leave him alone. The Reverse Flash is caught with a little help from Wells and when the cops, including Eddie who blackmailed Det. West into letting him get involved, approach the trapped super criminal, he yanks Harrison Wells into the trap and beats him to a pulp.

When the force field is turned off, the speedy bad guy escapes. Before the end of the episode, Barry tells Iris how he really feels about her, but only after his dad tells him to, and Ronnie steps in and helps Allen in another battle with the other Flash. The biggest mystery now is who the man in the yellow suit really is, The Flash must find out a lot of things, one of which being that Dr. Wells is not one of the good guys. This winter finale leaves Barry Allen with a lot on his plate and his opening up to Iris has not accomplished a lot but it has allowed him the chance to be truthful with her at last. With all the supposition from fans about time travel perhaps while waiting for the show to return in January 2015 they can come up with a theory or two about who really is wearing the Reverse Flash suit.

By Michael Smith