Ray J Calls 911 in a Panic Over Princess Love Suicide Threat

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Rapper Ray J recently called 911 in a panic over his fear that on-again-off-again girlfriend Princess Love was going to follow through on a recent threat to commit suicide. The events in question occurred earlier today, after the pair’s relationship went sour once more.

Sources connected to the couple recently told TMZ that the breakup in question had happened on Tuesday night, with the I Hit It First singer being the instigator behind the break off. His fellow Love & Hope Hop: Hollywood star did not take her partner’s decision very well in the slightest, and reportedly spent the whole morning incessantly bombarding him with texts upon his leaving for work the next day. After pleading with her boyfriend for some time to change his mind and take her back, efforts which went unheeded as he had no desire to reconcile in the slightest, Love reportedly began threatening to take her own life as a result of Ray J turning her request to take another shot at things down without hesitation.

The rapper was fully aware that there was a loaded firearm in the house, and became extremely concerned regarding what his girlfriend had said she was going to do as he knew it was extremely possible giving the aforementioned quick access to a gun in order to complete said action. Another reason for the 33-year-old’s panic was related to the fact that one of his and Love’s good friends had just committed suicide a few days ago, after making the decision to fire multiple shots into the woman’s body before turning the gun on himself. Given his knowledge and grief over this situation, Ray J called 911 immediately to alert emergency personnel that his girlfriend had threatened to commit such an act. Authorities responded accordingly, but when they arrived at the scene Love was nowhere to be found. Reports have stated that police officers did not end up talking to the woman at all, instead backing away from the situation after Ray J informed them that the couple had spoken since the suicide threat and all was well in terms of Love’s mental and emotional state in terms of wanting to end her life. He insists that Love was not going to go through with the idea and that it was merely a desperate attempt at getting him to reconcile with her.

Ray J and Love’s relationship had been tumultuous for some time now and has not failed at making headlines on a regular basis. Back in October, the pair became involved in a bitter feud over one of their dogs, a Maltese named Boogotti. The rapper had taken the pooch after a nasty split between the two, and the situation escalated to the point that Ray J’s bodyguard needed to step in and break things up between the two. Love began pleading with her then ex-boyfriend shortly after their split to return the dog, claiming that the rest of the dogs at the couple’s home were pining for it and unable to continue living in a stable environment. She also alleged that she was the better caretaker for the dog, as Ray j was away most of the time and Boogotti had gotten used to the company of the fellow Maltese canine’s that resided at the home.

It remains to be seen if further investigation into Ray J’s 911 call regarding Princess Love’s alleged suicide threat will be made. Neither of the reality television personalities have yet given any follow-up statement on the matter.

By Rebecca Grace

Daily Mail
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Photo by Bob Beklan – Flickr License