California Car Discovered With Dead Woman in Trunk


In California, the car of Daniel Perez of Montebello was discovered with the body of a dead woman in its trunk. Perez, his wife, Erica, and their four young sons have been missing since Friday, according to a Breaking News report by Fox News.

The car, found close to a local hospital approximately a half-mile from their residence, is a Honda Accord, according to police Captain Luis Lopez, speaking at a Wednesday night news conference. He did not reveal the name of the dead woman who had been discovered inside of the trunk and he also did not mention the probable cause of death.

Lopez did state that the police are now considering Daniel Perez to be “a person of interest.” He added that they “are concerned for their safety.”

According to Captain Lopez, there has now been issued an Amber Alert for a black car believed to have connections with the family. The vehicle is a 2014 Toyota Camry. The license plate number is a California one, 7FDS891.

Besides being missing since Friday, neither Daniel nor Erica Perez have been answering their phones. According to family members who spoke with the police, there have been past incidents of domestic violence in the family and the marriage was an unstable one.

The four young missing Perez children range in ages from 6 to 11. Alex is the youngest, at 6; Tristan is 8; Jaiden is 9; and, the oldest son, Jordan, is 11.

Finding the car of the missing Montebello, California man and his family with a dead woman in the trunk of it could prove to be a big break in the case. Further information will follow in updates as it becomes available.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Fox News
Photo by Steve Devol – Flickr License

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