Supernatural Season 10 Episode 7: Girls, Girls, Girls [Recap/Review]


All sorts of secrets have come out of Supernatural’s seventh episode of season 10, Girls, Girls, Girls. Who would have thought that Dean Winchester would need to go online for dating? It turns out that he is on a mobile dating app, and that is how he meets Shaylene.

As Sam puts it, the brothers detour eight hours just so Dean can “get laid.” However, it turns out that Shaylene is a prostitute and hates her job. On top of that, she is working for a demon, which is something the Winchesters know plenty about. The demon pimp even turns up when summoned, expecting to get someone’s soul, until Shaylene kills him.

Unfortunately for the brothers it is not all over. The brothers find out about a demon called Raul, who is killed soon after. This one is not by the Supernatural brothers either. They get there too late, because Rowena—a witch—kills him instead. Rowena then takes the prostitutes to a restaurant and charms her way with the help of hex bags.

There is a full story behind Rowena, which Sam unearths. She created a spell that has not been used in more than 300 years. The witch who created the spell has been the only person to use it, and she confesses that she was on the run from something called the Grand Coven.

Nothing can be simple for Dean Winchester right now. After killing demons, he is about to fight Rowena, except someone gets in the way. After episodes of not appearing, Cole is back and now he knows all about demons. He also wants revenge, and does not care about Rowena’s witchy habits.

It has taken to Girls, Girls, Girls, episode seven of season 10 of Supernatural, to understand why Dean killed Cole’s father. As many likely expected, Dean was not a demon or evil. Cole’s father was a monster, eating the livers of three people on a case. Of course, Cole argued that his father begged for his life, but Dean insists that the man was too far gone.

It is understandable why Cole sees Dean as the bad guy, especially after dealing with him at the start of Supernatural season 10. However, it is also a good chance for Dean to save someone from going past the point of no return. Dean makes a great speech to get Cole to return to his family, but fans cannot help wonder what it really means for Dean. Is it really too late to save Dean? Is this a hint at what he will do about the Mark of Cain in the winter finale?

Crowley and Castiel also appeared after three episodes of nothing. For Crowley, it turns out that the whorehouse was set up in his name after the war against Abaddon. The King of Hell does not like the idea, but it does bring out more of his past. Rowena turns out to be his mother, which many may not have expected.

For Castiel, his vessel’s family starts playing on his mind when Hannah’s vessel’s husband turns up. Hannah tries to get Joe to go by saying that she is having an affair with Castiel, and he somehow believes the awkward kiss. In the end, Hannah showst hat humanity is affecting her. She lets her vessel return to Joe. It all sets up Castiel wondering about his own vessel, Jimmy, and the return of Claire Novak in episode nine of Supernatural.

There are many questions after this episode. One of the biggest is whether Dean is really past saving or if he really does believe that. Girls, Girls, Girls, episode seven of Supernatural season 10, included enough twists and has finally started to get other storylines back on the move.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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