The Originals: The Brothers That Care Forgot [Recap/Review]

The Originals

In The Brothers That Care Forgot, episode eight of The Originals season two, Klaus is attempting to get his brothers on his side. He wants Finn and Kol to side with himself and Elijah. At the same time, Hayley and Jackson attempt to unify all the werewolves. Of course, nothing can be that easy when it comes to the show.

Kol is not a problem when it comes to the brothers joining together. It is Finn, who has always been the loyal son. What does not help is that prior to his resurrection on The Originals, Finn was stuck in a coffin, daggered for 900 years. Why would he considered joining with Klaus, especially when Rebekah is still to appear?

Rebekah is the one that many expected to choose humanity over being a campire. She has always wanted to live a normal life. Esther likely knows that, and has been searching for her. However, that would mean that Klaus and Hayley’s daughter Hope will be found. They certainly do not want that happening. Elijah also wants to keep everyone safe, and physically attacks Finn in a very uncharacteristic fight. Did Esther’s mind games bring out Elijah’s dark side more?

As had been promised a few weeks ago, Rebekah did return in The Originals’ The Brothers That Care Forgot. It was not fun for her as she realized her mother’s starlings were watching her. She calls the two people she knows she can trust, Klaus and Elijah. Of course, big brother Elijah comes to help, while Klaus continues his plan with his other brothers.

It is not all about the Mikaelson siblings on The Originals, though. Davina wakes to find the white oak stake missing, and turns to the two people she can trust: Marcel and Josh. Luckily, Marcel knows everything and also remains that protective big brother towards Davina. The poor little witch prefers Kol’s company though, and chooses to trust him.

Meanwhile, Kol works on a deal with Marcel, which is how he knows all about the white oak stake now being with Klaus. Marcel decides torture is the way to go instead.

Down in the Bayou, it’s all about the wolves. Hayley and Jackson deep down know that they all need to work together. They certainly do not need to work with Esther. There is a benefit to the wolves joining together. Ansel found that Alphas with special abilities could marry others and all pack members would inherit those strengths. If Jackson and Hayley marry, all of their pack members should, in theory, have Hayley’s hybrid ability of choosing when to change. Take out the need of the moonlight rings, and there is no need for anyone on The Originals to work with Ester. The problem for Hayley is that the ritual only works if the marriage is honored.

Back to the Mikaelson siblings, and Elijah helps protect Rebekah and Hope. The big issue for Elijah is that Esther’s spell has had some serious mental health side effects. The once gentleman of the siblings is slowly turning into Klaus from the way the dead bodies piling up appears, and Rebekah has no choice but to snap his neck.

With all that happening, Cami seems to have been forgotten about. However, in true The Originals style, she is going to play a major part. Finn admits to him that her puncture wounds on her back are signs that Esther performed a preparation spell. Esther is getting ready to put someone else in her body, knowing that Klaus would never harm her. Everyone assumes that it is for Esther, but it is really for Rebekah. Will Rebekah decide to take her mother up on the opportunity to be human again?

There is a lot happening in the show already. The winter hiatus for The Originals is fast approaching, and The Brothers That Care Forgot has enough action to remind everyone of that. This week has a week break, and there will be a new episode on Monday December 8, at 8/7c.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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