Singer Tank Says Goodbye Music Business on Instagram

Tank Says Goodbye to Music Business According to Instagram

Singer Tank said he is done with the music business according to his Instagram account. The artist known for his falsetto vocal stints is disheartened due to the lack of support for his latest solo project. He posted a picture with his shirt off, lying in bed, hand on his head with a look of despair.

This is not the first time a musician has threatened to walk out on the industry but more often than not it is only temporary. Stronger, Tank’s latest project, has not done as well as he expected and the lack of success has hit him hard. The I Need Compliments singer is not blaming his management or the record industry; instead he said it is the fault of non-supporters.

The crooner, born Durrell Babbs, is a singer, songwriter and producer. He was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and as a child relocated to Clinton, Maryland with his family. Tank has always loved music but in high school was a multi-sport athlete. He had the opportunity to play football in college but decided he would rather do music. Eventually his focus on a music career landed him the chance to sing background for the well-known singer Ginuwine.

On social media the father of four wrote this message to his fans:

If I look tired it is because I am. I am very disappointed and saddened that ‘Stronger’ will not get a video or the continuation of promotion it deserves.Tank Says Goodbye to Music Business According to Instagram

The This Is How I Feel singer continued his rant saying he would love to blame Atlantic Records but cannot. It is difficult for record companies to keep funding music that people refuse to support. Tank added:

I pride myself on giving my fans real singing, lyrical content, musicianship and being true to the music which inspired his existence.

He went on to explain the problem by saying there are not many supporters left who want to hear or buy his music. If there are, they will not make themselves known. The You singer posed the following two questions to his virtual audience: “Who am I doing this for?” and “For who am I maintaining this so-called integrity?” Tank answered his own questions by stating, “Not many, as can be shown by my first week of sales.”

The singer brought his pity party to a close by telling his followers he will not continue to be faithful to anyone or anything that is not being faithful to him. He will no longer work hard for nothing. According to Tank, he looks, sings, writes, produces and performs better than almost everyone and is not appreciated. Lastly, he wrote:

Please enjoy my last real R&B album because you will never get another one!

The good news for his fans is although he ranted about quitting the music business, the singer has a change of heart. After releasing his feelings via social media he returned to Instagram to let his fans know he is not going anywhere. He attributes the decision to keep going to all of the supporters who sent him encouraging words in response to his prior rant.

by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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  1. Marie   January 18, 2015 at 1:44 am

    Tank you are the real deal…I recently purchased your CD and thought the the music was EXCELLENT…continue to hone your craft and do not be discouraged…your music and performance in Stronger are top shelf!


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