The Vampire Diaries Matt Going Too Far?

The Vampire Diaries

Could Matt be going too far on The Vampire Diaries? He has certainly not had it easy from day one on the show, and it seems like he may be reaching breaking point. However, vampires are stronger than he is, and Enzo is not one for letting people get away with things.

One of the great things about Enzo is that he has never changed. He is friends with Damon, and hates Stefan with a passion. After all, Stefan did not come to find his brother during the 1950s, and simply got on with his own life. It led to a vision of the troubled vampire of being selfish, and that intensified when Stefan decided to move on after Damon’s death.

Enzo is so focused on destroying Stefan that he has made an enemy of Matt. That is not someone anyone in Mystic Falls really wants to be an enemy of. Despite being human, he knows a lot of secrets and is willing to go to the end and back for those he loves.

The problem is that Matt is now realizing that vampires are bad. Despite many of his friends on The Vampire Diaries being turned, he has come to the conclusion that they are evil people. It is clear from some of the many things that they have done, whether they have had their humanity turned off or not. Stefan, Damon and Elena are all guilty of despicable acts at some point, and then there are the examples that Enzo, Katherine and Klaus led.

However, could Matt be going too far on The Vampire Diaries? Jeremy certainly thinks so. While he does not really like vampires, he does still want some sort of relationship with his sister, so he is not exactly going to go around killing all of them.

One of the issues for Jeremy is that Matt is being led by emotions. His anger is pushing him down a path that could end up getting him killed, and that is certainly the case when Enzo is thrown into the mix. This week’s episode saw Enzo get the upper hand and decide that Matt would be perfect for destroying Stefan’s life.

Executive producer, Caroline Dries, has teased that Stefan’s past with Sarah Salvatore will lead to Enzo getting even angrier at the younger Salvatore brother than he has in the past. There are too many secrets, and it is time for them all to come out. Matt’s life could be put at risk, yet again. It does just prove a point to him that most of the cast on The Vampire Diaries is evil.

Matt will start alienating himself from all his former friends, though. That could be an issue when (if) Bonnie gets back to the real world on The Vampire Diaries next year. She will be stuck between her friend and boyfriend and her vampire friends. Alienating himself from his friends could make him look like a threat, and fans know how Damon reacts around threats. It is possible that Matt really is going too far on The Vampire Diaries, and it could mean a sad ending for the only non-supernatural being in the main cast.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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