‘The Voice’ Season 7 Finale Winner Announced [Recap & Video]

The Voice

The Voice Season Finale is finally here, and the season 7 winner will be announced tonight by the end of the two hour long show! There will be a lot of music during this episode of The Voice, along with the final results of the season. Hozier, Jennifer Hudson, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Fall Out Boy and Mark Ronson will perform with the Final Four competitors and on their own.

Mars and Ronson will sing Uptown Funk, a song that will be on Uptown Special, Ronson’s upcoming album. Uptown Funk has already hit the Billboard Hot 100 chart, reaching the top five, the first song Ronson has ever had to break into the Top Ten.

Ed Sheeran, 23, will be singing a song from his latest album, X, pronounced “multiply,” called Thinking Out Loud. He is currently in the middle of a world tour and will be playing three sold-out shows this summer at London’s Wembley Stadium.

Damien, from Team Adam, will be performing with musical artist and Oscar winning actress, Jennifer Hudson. Hozier will sing his huge hit, Take Me to the Church. The video has received over 40 million views on YouTube, going mega-viral.

Craig Wayne Boyd, the last remaining member of Team Blake in the Finals of The Voice, will get the chance tonight to sing with Lynyrd Skynyrd. Lynyrd Skynyrd are one of the most well-known Southern rock groups of all time, and have sold over 30 million records.

Carson Daly, the host of The Voice, began the last show of season 7 by introducing the four coaches, Gwen Stefani, Pharrell Williams, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. Then, he introduced the four finalists, mentioned the big name stars who will be performing tonight, and did a recap of last night’s terrific performances, including comments from the coaches.

“The four finalists left it all on the stage,” Carson said, “all for your votes!”

“Every song from last night charted in the Top 50 and we couldn’t be prouder,” Carson Daly said, then he welcomed back the Top 20 competitors, who sang a cool number to open the show. The audience applauded wildly as they finished singing, then The Voice went to its first commercial break of the night.

Carson Daly spoke with the coaches when The Voice came back. He asked Blake “How confident are you that Craig will defy the odds and win?”

Blake responded “Are you asking if I think he’ll win? I’m as nervous as crap.”

Craig Wayne Boyd brought back three female singers, Taylor Brashears, Sugar Joans, and DaNica Shirey, to sing with him. They sang the George Thorogood hit, Keep Your Hands to Yourself. It was a great version, and they ROCKED IT OUT! The audience clapped along as they sang and cheered at various points. After that, The Voice went to a commercial break again.

Then, on The Voice, Carson showed a few “favorite moments of the season” from viewers. Carson introduced Hozier, who sang his tremendous hit, Take Me to Church. It is such a fantastic song; Hozier gave an AMAZING performance of it. The audience cheered as he sang and played his guitar. A choir in the background was pretty awesome, also.

After even more commercials, The Voice returned, with Chris Jamison bringing back Luke Wade, Ryan Sills, and Taylor John Williams. They will be singing Say It, Baby. They WAILED on this song, and the audience had their hands over their heads, clapping right from the start of the performance. The singers went down the aisles pressing flesh with audience members as they sang.

The Voice headed to another commercial break — of course — with the announcement of the season winner still over an hour away. The suspense keeps building higher, but there is a lot of “filler” in most season finale shows, like this one.

Matt McAndrew then sang Centuries with Fall Out Boy, and the performance was A-MAZE-ING! Matt’s voice sounded like it belonged in this song — it was the best performance of the show, so far. The audience applauded wildly as they finished singing.

Next, there was a bit about Pharrell and the philosophical Jedi-like wisdom he has imparted throughout the season. Adam called Blake “Chewebacca,” to Pharrell’s Yoda.

Then, DaNica Shirey, Sugar Joans, Reagan James and Mia Pfirrman sang Bang Bang. They NAILED this hit song! The atmosphere was electric, and they sang this hit song spot-on perfect. The coaches and audience gave them a standing ovation.

When The Voice came back from another break, Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars sang Uptown Funk — it was a very cool performance. Bruno looked like he had curlers in his hair, though, which seemed somewhat strange. The song was TERRIFIC, and the word Uptown was in huge neon lights behind them. They definitely brought the funk to tonight’s episode of The Voice!

Carson then showed scense of the finalists singing a Christmas concert for their fans. Matt sang O Christmas Tree, while Matt sang Silent Night. Chris Jamison sang Joy to the World, and Damien sang Little Town of Bethlehem. Each of the four finalists were presented with a new car, by Nissan.

After that, Craig Wayne Boyd and Lynyrd Skynyrd sang Sweet Home Alabama. Boyd sang lead vocals on this classic hit. He did a great job — he looked a bit like he would have liked to have had his guitar, and jam out with the band, as he sang. The audience clapped throughout the entire song. Then, The Voice went to yet another break.

After the break, Meghan Trainor performed her latest hit, Lips Are Movin’. She gave a FANTASTIC performance of this song, which she also sang at last Friday’s Jingle Ball Concert at Madison Square Garden. The audience really got into the song, and stood up the entire song, applauding like crazy as Meghan finished singing. More commercials followed, including a sneak peek at The Minions movie.

Then, Carson Daly and the coaches poked fun at Adam Levine. He seemed to have an affinity for Broadway musical numbers. Blake said “If Adam was a one-man-musical, it would be called ‘Look at Me,’ with ‘It’s All About Me,’ in parentheses.”

The incredible singer and actress, Jennifer Hudson, took the stage of The Voice after that to sing It’s Your World with Damien. Damien really brought the energy, and it was a marvelous duet. They sounded great singing together!

Carson Daly next featured Gwen Stefani and Pharrell said “When she’s on stage, she’s like a tiger.” Blake compared her to “a panther.” Adam said “Fashion has a new name: G-W-E-N.” He added “I wish she would really make over Adam.”

Ed Sheeran performed on The Voice next. He sang Thinking Out Loud from his latest album, X. The females in the audience screamed and cheered as he sang, and…it looks like Ed has yet another hit song on his hands. He KILLED with this really cool song. The audience erupted in applause as he concluded the song.

Matt McAndrew brought back Mia, Sugar, Taylor John Williams, Ryan Sill and Reagan James to sing the Fleetwood Mac smash, Go Your Own Way. It is a song off of Rumors, an incredible album filled with hit after hit. They really rocked the place out! Then, The Voice went to another commercial break.

Damien brought back Elijah, Anita Antoinette, and DaNica Shirey to sing with him. They sang Ain’t No Mountain High Enough. They KNOCKED THIS SONG OUT OF THE PARK with their performance! As they sang, they walked down the aisles pressing flesh with the audience, who clapped throughout the song. What a great performance!

After more commercials, when The Voice came back, Chris Jamison sang with Jessie J. Chris and Jessie J were PERFECT singing together, their voices blending like the song was written for both of them to sing together. Chris seemed totally at home on the stage, singing with Jessie J. The audience stood up the entire song. They were INCREDIBLE!

Carson Daly then did a comedy bit about Blake Shelton. Clips of Blake were combined, to make it sound as if he was singing Can’t Touch This. It was very cool!

The four coaches too the stage of The Voice to sing Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. Blake began the song, singing it wonderfully in a bass voice. Then, Adam sang the next line, and it sounded amazing, as well. The audience really cheered when Gwen sang a line, and cheered even louder when Pharrell sang one.

The Voice went to yet another break, with Carson Daly promising that the final results would be next. Finally, Carson announced who the winner was, but first he said the musical artist’s name in fourth place. “The finalist in fourth place is — Damien from Team Adam! A big hand for Damien! The artist in third place is — Chris Jamison from Team Adam! Congratulations! Craig and Matt, one of you is The Voice. The winner of The Voice is — Craig Wayne Boyd!”

Craig Wayne Boyd is the winner of season 7 of The Voice! Matt McAndrew and the other two competitors who made up the Final Four were all terrific, but more viewers across America voted for Craig Wayne Boyd to win it all. Please leave any comments below!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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2 Responses to "‘The Voice’ Season 7 Finale Winner Announced [Recap & Video]"

  1. Joseph Brauen   December 17, 2014 at 4:50 pm

    I knew it,,, Once again The Voice’s convoluted voting system has failed. Don’t get me wrong.. Craig Wayne Boyd is good country singer, but that is exactly the point, He was the ONLY country singer, and as such gained ALL the country vote! That is a huge voting block in America. The other three guys didn’t stand a chance, since the vote for Pop music was split THREE WAYS. The only way that this thing could ever work properly would be to take it down to the final two people and then have America vote. My 2 cents.. it’s all demographics.

  2. Linda   December 16, 2014 at 9:14 pm

    All finalists were fantastic. But I am glad CRAIG WAYNE BOYD won!


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