Windows 10 Consumer Experience Will Be Featured on January 21

Windows 10 Consumer Experience

Windows 10 consumer experience will be featured by Microsoft on January 21. Since the announcement of the next Windows version, its maker has been giving only information bits while waiting for its official release in the middle of next year. The Windows 10 consumer experience invites sent to select analysts and press on December 11 cite the headquarters in Redmond, Washington as the venue. The company gets away with the suspense side and directly tells the public what the episode is all about – the next chapter of Windows 10. Some tech sites said the event will start at 9am Pacific time.

The past Windows 10 episode put the general announcement on the front line, plus the enterprise aspect. The January 21 feature will preview the consumer angle this time, the Windows 10 consumer experience. Microsoft big guys like CEO Satya Nadella, and the senior leaders of the Operating System Group, Windows executives Joe Belfiore and Terry Myerson, as well as Xbox Chief Phil Spencer will be present to take part in the discussions. Microsoft said the event will have a live webcast which it will be announcing next.

The first Windows 10 reveal on September 30 had the OS Group testing builds of the Windows 10 server and client. Microsoft showed that the live tiles in Windows 8 were already moved and now in the Start button.

In November, Windows 10 test build update 9879 was made available, the second public update release and the last for the 2014 calendar year. Microsoft followers expect to see the Windows 10 January Technical Preview which will be its next test release for Windows Insider testers.

Microsoft promised the Windows 10 launch wave to be mid-2015. Recently however, COO Kevin Turner said it will either be late summer or early fall next year. Needless to say, launch events are more on marketing than actual availability of the software to its original equipment manufacturers and consumers.

The Windows 10 consumer experience which will be featured on January 21 must appear rather exciting for the Windows 10 followers. ZDNet heard that Redmond will provide detailed information about Windows Phone-Windows RT Windows 10 mobile SKU, which is anticipated to be working with ARM- and Intel-based tablets as well as with Windows Phone. Sources said this version will only run Metro-style apps as it will not have a desktop support.

Along the Windows 10 consumer experience is the support for Continuum, a feature which will allow easy transition modes with two-in-one devices, such as swapping between tablet and desktop. It is said to make its way to JTP. Digital personal assistant Cortana may come as well, in its first integration to Windows 10.

For the Windows 10 mobile version, it is not certain when will it make to the hands of external testers, as there are hearsays it has not come out from the Operating Systems Group yet. The Windows maker would want it to undergo thorough internal testing first before its release to the testers outside.

Unconfirmed reports say Microsoft is pondering on creative ways to monetize Windows 10, aside from upfront fees for license. While the Windows 10 consumer experience will be featured on January 21, Redmond might not want to touch on this one, and just focus on the consumer side of the new version of the software. Though Windows occupies a substantial part of the company’s business with 1.5 billion users, the rise of smartphones and tablets has made its share of the OS market land to 14 percent.

By Judith Aparri


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