School Shooting in North Portland, OR

Three people were injured in a school shooting at Rosemary Anderson High School in north Portland, OR, Friday, Dec. 12. Two boys and a girl were outside on a corner near the school at the time. The police reported the shooting took place after noon. All three victims were breathing and conscious when they were taken to the hospital.

Police say the shooter fled but it is unclear at this time if there were other accomplices. Initial reports indicate this may be gang-related. Parents have been called and a high school and community college nearby have been put on lockdown.

Rosemary Anderson High School is an alternative school for students who had previously dropped out or are at risk, or homeless. It has an enrollment of 190 students. The school opened in 1983 and has a 90 percent graduation rate. It provides year-round open-door opportunity for those who see this as their “last chance” for an education. The investigation into the school shooting in north Portland, OR, is ongoing.

By Cynthia Collins


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Photo credit: Brandon Anderson, Creativecommons Flickr license