World’s Oldest Cat With Two Faces Has Died at Age 15


The world’s oldest cat with two faces has died at the age of 15. He was considered to be a Janus cat, which is the technical term for a two faced feline. The cat was named Frank and Louie and was in the Guinness Book of World Records because of how long he had lived. The animal ended up passing away in Massachusetts on Thursday morning. He was being cared for at a local college’s school of Veterinary Medicine, his owner Martha Stevens explained to numerous different media sources.

Ms. Stevens stated that Frank and Louie had appeared to be somewhat “down” over the Thanksgiving holiday, so she started giving him extra fluids to see if that would help. However,  this past Thursday, it seemed that the feline was becoming much sicker and she quickly got him to the veterinary school.

While she was attempting to pull together a medical funding care plan for the treatment of her pet, she received a phone call from the vet’s office which let her know that Frank and Louie was extremely ill. After she returned to the vet center, veterinarians got with her and explained they believed the cat was suffering from a very deadly type of cancer. It broke her heart but she gave the go-ahead and her feline was euthanized.

Ms. Stevens is in a state of devastation at the present time, but says she knows the cat she first saw as a tiny kitten had absolutely no chance at a life period after he was brought into the vet center in order to be put to sleep way back in the fall of 1999. Janus cats most usually never survive over two to three days after birth and are most of the time rejected by their mothers. Word of the strange looking little cat spread all though the college’s school of Veterinary Medicine and Martha and numerous other individuals wanted to come by and have a look.

She says that she asked one of the vets if she could try and save the little guy. However, the vet gave her a warning that she would most likely fail and he also let her know the cat would probably pass away within two to three days. Yet, she arrived back at the office the next morning and let them see that Frank and Louie had gotten through his first night with her and that he just might end up making it after all. Ms. Stevens stated that she gave the kitten his food with a tube until he was 3 months old because she was terrified he would not be able to eat anything on his own.

However, Frank without Louie, because his part of the body had the esophagus, was able to learn how to eat and drink. Therefore the little cat began to thrive. What had once been a kitten at death’s door, started rubbing against legs, purring happily and easily capturing the hearts of all who had at first believed him somewhat hard to look at.

Frank and Louie had one functioning separate eye but shared a middle eye, which was blind. He had two mouths and two noses but just one single brain so that is why he was considered one cat and not conjoined twins. The two names came from having the two faces. That was only fair. The feline was actually very healthy in most every other way. The toughest ordeals he went through were being neutered and having some teeth removed from Louie’s mouth, due to the fact that he did not have a lower jaw.

When he got to the age of 12, Guinness began calling and stated that Frank and Louie was officially the oldest living Janus cat on the planet. Ms. Stevens explained that she was given a certificate and even once caught her sweet pet on some television program about animals as she was going through TV channels. She said that was when she realized her cat had become famous.

Martha did a lot of research on Janus cats and discovered most of them passed away while very young. The kittens most often had cleft palates or some other type of deformity that made it nearly impossible for them to receive the nourishment they needed. That is why she firmly believes the tube-feedings helped saved Frank and Louie.

Even though she is whirling from the unpredicted death of Frank and Louie, Ms. Stevens stated that she would do it over again in a minute. She would gladly take in a Janus cat in if one needed her, even though Martha realizes just how extremely rare they are. She added that she would love to do it all again if she ever got the chance.

By Kimberly Ruble


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  1. Kimberly Ruble   December 6, 2014 at 7:07 pm

    Cats are wonderful. Hope you healed up alright! Thanks for posting.

  2. Gareth O'Toole   December 6, 2014 at 5:37 pm

    Cats are the best! I was severely injured in a motorbike crash in 1992 and I got Suki, the female black and white cat Mum did not want! She wanted a Tom and not a black & white cat. She gave me 16 years of love, fun, clumsiness and was completely devoted to me. never scratched or bit and changed how I think about pets. Mum has had several cats since, all female!


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